Norman Denys Sinclair’s Royal Air Force Pilot’s Flying Log Book



Norman Denys Sinclair’s Royal Air Force Pilot’s Flying Log Book


Norman Sinclair’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book from 16th August 1939 until 5th October 1945. Pilot training started at No. 9 Elementary Flying Training School, No. 1 Flying Practice Unit, No. 12 Flying Training School. Became a flying instructor at the Central Flying School and No. 1 School of Army Co-operation.

Posted to 309 (Polish) Squadron in November 1940. Operational posting to No. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit (PRU) in May 1941, which in September 1942 became 540 Squadron.

Shot down on 28 March 1943 over Norway by two Me 109’s. After capture flown to Germany in a Ju-52. He was held in Stalag Luft III from 5 April 1943 until May 1945.

On returning to England undertook refresher training at No. 17 Service Flying Training School, before postings to 525 and 187 Squadrons.

Served at RAF Walsgrave, RAF Anstey, RAF Grantham, RAF Meir, RAF Upavon, RAF Old Sarum, RAF Renfrew, RAF Benson, RAF Gibraltar, RAF Bathurst (Gambia), Freetown, RAF Leuchars, RAF Coleby Grange, RAF Wymswold, RAF Syerston, RAF Membury, RAF Netheravon.

Aircraft flown were Tiger Moth DH82, Anson, Hind, Hector, Tutor, Master, Lysander, Magister, Proctor, Battle, Spitfire, Blenheim, Hornet Moth, Maryland, Swordfish, Hudson, Boeing Clipper, Sunderland, Mosquito, C-47 Dakota, B-24 Liberator, JU-52, Lancaster, Oxford.

With 1 PRU and 540 Squadron he flew as the pilot 102 photoreconnaissance operations all in daylight. His targets included Tarifa, Casablanca, Oran, the Spanish Coast, Lisbon, Straits of Gibraltar, Tangier, Cartagena, Majorca, Cadiz, Cape St Vincent, Rabat, Minorca, Dakar, Tambacounda, Kaolack, Bambey, Saint Louis, Bergen, Narvik, Stavanger, Danzig, Gdynia, Stettin, Skagerrak, Trondheim, Egersund, Oslo, Kristiansund, Copenhagen, Stadlandet, Tromso, Gibraltar, Algiers, Toulon, the Balearic Islands, Tarragona, Kiel, Namsos.

He was involved in photographing Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and Prince Eugen.



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