Bob Keeling



Bob Keeling


Left page: top left, abstract from sailing log.
Top right a fjord.
Centre right, mountains and a river.
Bottom left, a ship annotated '938 to Norway'.
Bottom right, a church.
Right page: top left, head and shoulder portrait of Bob Keeling in uniform with pilot's brevet and VR badge on his collar annotated 'Bob 1940'.
Top right, menu from the Queen's Hotel annotated 'Bob and Judy.'
Middle left, head and shoulder portrait of Bob in uniform and cap. Middle right, Bob with an open topped car, annotated 'September 1940' and 'High Northwaite'.
Bottom left, two women and a man sat on a bench.
Bottom right, two images of Bob in uniform.

Temporal Coverage

Spatial Coverage



Two postcards, one typed sheet, a card and eight b/w photographs on two album pages


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“Bob Keeling,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 24, 2024,

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