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An official, On His Majesty's Service, envelope addressed to Mr. G. L. Royall. 36, Maroma [sic] Road, London, S.E.18. It is post marked 'RUISLIP MIDDX 11AM 16 JNE 1948'.
A return address for the `Ministry of Aircraft Production has been scored…

Contains dates of Ward's service in the RAFVR, his transfer to and date of release from the Reserve. Also gives his rank and trade and assessmentsof his character and proficiency and his date of birth.
There is also a handwritten note that he…

Copy of James Gordon Bennet's birth certificate

Starts with account of life at school (Rendcomb College) from 1931 to 1937. Continues with decade 1938-1948 starting with time at Cheltenham Art School in 1938 and 1939. Continues with account of wartime activity including enlistment, training at RAF…

Starts with description of feelings and actions beginning of the war. Mother had tried to persuade her to join land army and mentions brief experience and unsuitability for farming. Decided to join the RAF. Details enlistment and initial training…

Transcript of original letter. Written while at Uxbridge after he was attested and issued uniform and expected to be posted on soon. Describes the camp, pay and speculates of future leave.

Written while at Uxbridge after he was attested and issued uniform and expected to be posted on soon. Describes the camp, pay and speculates of future leave.

Gives personal details, enlistment dates, recommendation for training as aircrew and list of postings. Killed 24 September 1940.

Top left - a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force standing in front of a brick wall. Captioned 'Taken by Ian Hay during my telephonist training July 1940 at the Firs Worcester'.
Top centre - two members of the Women's' Auxiliary Air Force in…

Top left - note with service number at Uxbridge 1939.
Top centre - ticket with text.
Top right - cinema ticket to Detmolder Lichtspiele.
Bottom left - blurred image of two airman either side of a stone Nazi eagle.
Right middle - blurred image…

A copy of Vincenzo and Beatrice's marriage certificate.

A copy of Elvira's birth certificate.

A copy of Vincent's birth certificate

A copy of Victor's birth certificate

A certified copy of Victor's marriage certificate

A copy of Victor's birth certificate. In a different handwriting is an annotation '3rd child of Francis (Francesca) & Gulalie Cristine (Christian)

A list of the other six members of Reg's crew...Harvey, Laurie Underwood, Jack McArdle, Bill Ross, John Bushell and Alec McCarroll.

A head and shoulders portrait of Roy. On the reverse 'AR Jardine Photographer'.


Maurice's birth certificate.

Includes some personal details, release authorization, certificate of service and release, leaving certificate and other information.

A white, detached, shirt collar with names and addresses.


Preface covers his training as an apprentice at RAF Halton and subsequent training as an electrical fitter at RAF St Athan. Outlines career with transition to ground engineer and then other postings. Continues with time as an instructor teaching a…

A biography of Vivian, born in Beaminster in 1920. He trained at Aldergrove and served at Bassingbourne, Wattisham, West Raynham, Watton then Wyton. Losses were high. He was shot down near Le Bourget, his two crew members dying with him. Additional…
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