RAF and family photographs



RAF and family photographs


Top left - a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force standing in front of a brick wall. Captioned 'Taken by Ian Hay during my telephonist training July 1940 at the Firs Worcester'.
Top centre - two members of the Women's' Auxiliary Air Force in uniform sitting in a field. Captioned 'in the garden of our WAAF quarters at 11 Group HQ at Uxbridge, summer 1940. We occupied a bungalow formerly occupied by the [.....] of the RAF, W/Cdr O'Donnell, Elizabeth Phillips and myself'.
Top right - two women fencing while members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force watch. Captioned 'Uxbridge HQ 11 Group, summer 1940, Elizabeth Phillips and Cynthia (furthest) fencing'.
Middle left - half length image of an airman wearing tunic sitting in garden.
Middle right - family/friends group three women - two in shirt sleeved uniform and on wearing dress and a young girl. Three are sitting on a bench and one behind.
Bottom left - six aircrew wearing flying suits standing in a line outside a wooden hut.
Bottom right - slightly enlarged version of photograph to left.



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Seven b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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