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Notes for soldiers and airmen returning home by road. It details the towns that they will pass through, starting at Villach in Austria and ends in Calais. There is a map of the route.
On the last page the times of departure and arrival are recorded.

A small scale map showing the location of prisoner of war camps. A typewritten note has been attached with corrections.

Two maps of prisoner of war camps. The first covers Germany, Austria and Poland. The second covers Italy.

An extract from a document briefly detailing JH Bird's career in the RAF. Also included is a second pilot, Pilot Officer Alexander Fraser.

A target photograph for an operation to St. Valentin AFV and Tank Factory in Austria. Light trails and smoke obscure most of the ground but some roads are visible. It is annotated 'A5' and captioned:
'1678. FOG .20/21 AUG 1944. // NT. F8. 10400'.…

Two target photographs taken on separate operations to Feuersbrunn in Austria.
First photograph shows the grass field but no runways stand out. Vehicle tracks and small bomb craters can be seen. It is annotated 'A4' and captioned:
'1459 FOG. 29/30…

A map of 41 POW camp locations. The key gives each camp's name and number.

A thirteen page collection of target photographs and sortie reports.

Page 1: Vertical aerial target photograph of Argenta. Some roads, houses and open fields are visible in the upper half of the image. There are also canals, rail tracks or roads…

N I Powell’s Flight Engineer’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 9 August 1944 to 25 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as flight engineer. He was stationed at RAF St Athan (4 School of Technical Training, RAF…

A 6 page collection of target photographs and sortie reports.

Page 1: Sortie report for an operation to Bruck Marshalling yards

Page 2:Vertical aerial target photograph of an unknown location showing some ground detail as tracer trails. Not all…

Copies of target photographs of Innsbruck and Freilassing.
The upper image has no detail, just some glare. It is captioned:
2969. 104/101. 25/26-APR-45. F8".//NT. 9200'.→255°. 2247. FREILASSING.
G. 2x1000. 10x500. MkIII 21. F/O WARD (F/O…

Low quality copies of two target photographs of Villach. No ground details are discernible, and both contain a large patch of glare.
The left image is captioned:
2769 104/83 25/26-MAR-45. F8. NT.//9820'.→234º. 20.19. VILLACH
D. 12x…

Some details of operation to Villach North marshalling yards. Lists crew and provides details of bombing. Two versions of the same document.

Gives some details of operation to Innsbruck. Lists crew. Two versions of the same document.

Vertical aerial target photograph of Innsbruck. The ground detail shows mainly residential areas while in the centre of the image there is smoke from explosions and a number of flashes from ordnance. It is captioned:
2852 104/92 10/11 APL 45…

Target photograph of Villach showing a large area of very bright glare to the left. Elsewhere some road and street details are visible. It is captioned:
2769 104/83 25/26-MAR-45. F8". NT//9,820' →234º 20.29. VILLACH
D 12x500 (INC) MkIII 20 F/O…

Target photograph showing explosions and smoke. Captioned '2747 104/80 22/23 Mar 45. F8 NT//10,000ft > 283 degrees, 20.17 Villach, F 10x500, MkIII 25 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A, R, 2x 1000'. Two versions of the same image.

A newspaper article about bombing several aircraft factories. It is annotated 'No 7 17/18 Aug 1943'.

A newspaper cutting with reports on USAAF and RAF operations. On the reverse is general news.

Pilots flying log book for J H Bird, covering the period from 29 March 1943 to 24 August 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Induna, RAF Kumalo, RAF Gianaclis, RAF Peplow, and Italy.…
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