500 Day Bombers Pound Vienna as Stuttgart Burns



500 Day Bombers Pound Vienna as Stuttgart Burns


A newspaper cutting with reports on USAAF and RAF operations. On the reverse is general news.




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500 Day Bombers Pound Vienna As Stuttgart Burns

‘Daily Sketch’ Air Correspondent

WHILE 500 American heavy bombers, flying from Italy, bombed military targets in Vienna in daylight yesterday, Stuttgart, the “Coventry of Germany,” still blazed from the impact of nearly 60,000 heavy fire-bombs dropped on the city by R.A.F. Bomber Command in two nights.

For the second night in succession Stuttgart, centre of precision engineering, was the target for Air Chief Marshal Harris’s renewed and mightier-than-ever onslaught on industrial Germany.

More than 27,000 heavy incendiaries were used, as well as a great load of high explosives, only 24 hours after a 2,000-ton attack.

So terrific was the raid that messages from Zurich last night said that it could be seen on the Swiss border 80 miles away, and that in Berne, 140 miles from Stuttgart, great detonations could be heard.

Fires were reported to be still burning in the city yesterday afternoon.

To carry out this raid the R.A.F. once again made an exceptionally deep penetration for this time of year. The flight was, I learn, even longer than the map suggests.

A direct route would have taken the bombers through too many heavily defended areas. To by-pass them the great armada began and ended its journey in daylight.

Though they were over enemy territory through almost all the hours of darkness losses were even lower than on the previous night.

Tank Works Smashed

From this huge attack, a Mosquito raid on Berlin with 4,000-pounders, more attacks on the flying-bomb launching sites in Northern France, minelaying and the bombing of a synthetic oil plant at Wanne-Eickel, in the Ruhr, 13 bombers are missing.

First reports on the previous day’s raid against the new Hermann Goering tank works at Linz, Austria, say that the works are out of commission.

Sixty five German planes were destroyed in fights over the target. Our losses were 26.


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“On the Canadian and British sectors of the front there has been no more progress,” said Bill Downs in a C.B.S. broadcast.

“There is no secret that this attack has not progressed as fast as we would have liked, but there is no question of stopping the attack merely because enemy opposition is tough.”

The Second Army are hanging on to Verriers – where they threw back a strong counter-attack yesterday morning – and a position in the Tilly area, where the fighting is still confused.

The Germans continue to make sharp, small counter-thrusts, which are holding us up. Their main activity, however, is mortaring and shelling on an increasing scale.

The Luftwaffe are also showing more activity. Overnight the Caen area received one of the heaviest air attacks since the invasion.

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[reverse of above newspaper cutting, showing articles on Domestic goods to be released and the requirement of a Senior Minister to deal with all matters regarding Prisoners of War. There is also a cartoon]



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