Norman Powell's Operations



Norman Powell's Operations


A 6 page collection of target photographs and sortie reports.

Page 1: Sortie report for an operation to Bruck Marshalling yards

Page 2:Vertical aerial target photograph of an unknown location showing some ground detail as tracer trails. Not all of the caption can be seen but it is dated 8/9 Apr 1945.

Page 3: Sortie report for an operation to Trento

Page 4: A copy of the photograph on page 2. The upper part contains tracer trails while, in the lower part, ground detail is visible but no features can be identified. The caption reads:
2829 104/90 8/9-APR-45. F8".//9.500'.→[redacted]. TRENTO
F. 2x1000. 10x500 MkIII23. F/O WARD. (F/O SCOTT B/A). 8.
Below this photo can be seen part of a sortie report.

Page 5: Sortie report for an operation to troop concentrations at Argenta.

Page 6: Pair of target photograph but the image quality is poor and no details can be discerned in either. The captions indicate that Villach was the target for both, though the operations took place on different days.

The last page of this collection is an information form for passengers being repatriated on 104 Sqn Liberator aircraft. It gives information on what to expect and rules to follow during the flight.




Seven page document with copies of typewritten sorties reports and b/w photographs


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[underlined] SORTIE REPORT. [/underlined]

Date:- 19th. March, 1945. 104 Squadron.
Off 18.35
Landed 00.10
Total 05.35 Foggia Main.

P F/O. Ward.
Sgt. Powell.
F/O. Scott.
Sgt. Scott.
F/S. Cole.

Weather: Str. at 10 000’.

Target: Bruck Marshalling Yards.

A. Route markers seen, scattered. Flares 21.57, 1 lot 10 miles from target, 1 lot on target. TMB/G 2159 notpp, 22.03 1/2, on bend of river 5 – 6 miles apart from first. TMB/R 22.04 1/2, 10 miles S of bombing.

22.02 1/2 9000 355 4 x 1000 GPTD. 025, 8 x 500 MCNI. Aimed for Green, bursts seen just to E of greens. Incends on same greens as this a/c and 3 other sticks. Small fires and few explsoions [sic] on target.

C. Few heavy at Graz.

[missing letter]. Photo with bombing.

Signed W.R. Pountney, F/O.

[page break]

2829 104/90. 8/9. APR-45. F8”. NT. 119.500 [symbol][censored][missing letters]
F.231000 10X500 MKIII 23 F/O WARD (F/O SCOTT 8/9) [missing letters]

[page break]

[underlined] SORTIE REPORT. [/underlined]

Date:- 8th April 1945. 104 Squadron. "S"
Off .... 1945.
Landed ... 0130.
Hours .... 5 hrs 45 mins.
Weather. Haze in valleys.
Target .... TRENTO Choke point.

F/O Ward,
Sgt Powell.
Sgt McGowan.
Sgt Piper.
F/O Scott.
F/S Scott.
F/O Cole.

A. Route markers seen. Illumination 2224. 2225.
TMB/Red 2228 3 lots centre one practically level with bridge.

B. 2231. 9,500 Heading 055. 2 x 1000 GPTI. 10 x 500 GP. aimed for centre of markers.
Bursts seen near centre of T.I's.

Bombs bursting on all 3 T.I's. Some smoke from bombing.
Explosion glare seen at 2235.

C. 12 Heavy mainly above.

D. Flares in and out on route. Double flares seen 15 miles from coast.. One appeared to be circular.

E. Unable to [deleted] give [/deleted] get U/C down on return. Had to pump flap and lower U/C mechanically.

[missing letter]. 1 Light South end of Lake Garda. South of Ferrara, North of Ferrara.

[missing letter] Red/Green verey [sic] South of Ancona on route to target. 7 mins before Red at pt A.

[underlined] Signed R. Pountney. F/O. [/underlined]

[page break]

2829 104/90. 8/9. APR-45. F8”. NT. 119.500 [symbol][censored] TRENTO
F.2 31000. 10X500 MKIII 23. F/O WARD. (F/O SCOTT. 8/9). S.

[page break]

[underlined] SORTIE REPORT. [/underlined]

Date:- 12th. April, 1945. 104 Squadron. C
Off 19.10
Landed 23.05
Total 03.55 Foggia Main.

F/O. Ward.
Sgt. Powell.
F/S. Piper.
F/O. Scott.
F/S. Scott.

Weather: 8-9/10 stra cu at 8-9000', vis good.

Target: Troop concentrations Argenta.

A. Route markers seen. Flares 21.07, 1 lot to port 10 miles. Reda [sic] and green 21.13.

21.16 6800 306 2 x1000 GPTD .025, 10 x 500 M 64 TD .025, Aimed for markers, bursts not seen owing to concentration on markers at same time. Large fire and 7 small ones and 6 small explosions. Incends good.

C. SIL at target.

D. Target, U/I T/E A/C over target seen for a second in light of flares, above 8000'.

G. Photo with bombing, flash O.K.

K. 2 flares over Lake Comacchio.
Air tracer fired over "E" on way in.

Signed W.R. Pountney, F/O.

[page break]

2747 104/80 22/23 MAR 45. F8. N.T.//10800 [symbol] 283 20.17 VILLACH
F. 10X800 MKIII 25. F/O WARD. (F/O SCOTT [undecipherable letters]) R.

104/83 25/26 MAR 45 F8 NT// 9820 [symbol] 234 20.19 VILLACH
D 12X500 MKIII 20 F/O WARD (F/O SCOTT [undecipherable letters]) T

[page break]

[indecipherable sentence]

You are to travel in Liberator aircraft . . . . . of No. 10 Squadron 205 (Heavy Bomber) Group, Royal Air Force. The crew is:-

Captain . . . . .
Navigator . . . . .
Wireless Operator . . . . .
Engineer . . . . .
[indecipherable letters] A/C Passenger . . . . .

We are proud to have been entrusted with the job of taking you home, and we shall do all we can to make your journey safe; comfortable and interesting.

Liberators are made in the U.S.A., have a wing span of 110 feet, and weigh nearly 30 tons when taking off on these journeys. Over 2000 gallons of petrol are carried, and this will take the aircraft more than 2000 miles. Your journey is about 1200 miles, and will take about 7 hours. Naturally, every aircraft has already flown the Atlantic when it was delivered.

Whilst taxying before and after the flight, the fuselage will echo with the howl of electric motors driving fuel and hydraulic pumps, and spluttering of an auxiliary engine. There may also be a slight smell of petrol or exhaust fumes, and the brakes may cause the aircraft to lurch from side to side. But once airborne you will find everything quite smooth and not very noisy. We are sorry that from most of the seats it is not possible to see outside.

Finally a few points to remember:-

(i) The Captain is in sole charge, irrespective of rank.


(iii) The aircraft is not a regular transport, and switches, cocks, control cables and wiring are exposed and within your reach. In almost every case tampering with them would be catastrophic. Remember what curiosity did to the cat; even if you feel sure that a certain tap might deliver a pint of beer, TOUCH NOTHING and don't let anybody else do so either.

(iv) Take care that your kit and blankets do not fall into control cables etc.

(v) In the "Bomb Bay" portion of the aircraft, which is fitted with wooden seats, you may walk only on the central "catwalk" and on the seats themselves, NOT on the metal floor.

(vi) There is considerable acceleration during take off and decceleration [sic] when braking after landing. Brace yourselves in your seats so that you are not thrown against your neighbours. You will be told when the aircraft is about to land.

(vii) Toilet arrangements are very makeshift and bear a striking resemblance to some old oil drums. As movement of passengers around the aircraft must be kept to a minimum, please do your best before getting aboard!!

(viii) Take care of the equipment loaned to you, and hand



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