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Six airmen standing in line in front of a Lancaster.

Nine airmen, one on the left with visible half brevet, all squatting down in line with three behind. In the background the nose of a Lancaster.

Fourteen airmen, seven sitting/squatting and seven standing all in line in front of a Lancaster.

Four airmen wearing battledress and side caps standing in front of a Lancaster. Nose art of two figures playing "two up", and rows of operation symbols.

Eight airmen one wearing tunic, one battledress (with half brevet) and the others shirtsleeves, all standing in line in front of a Lancaster. Step ladder in the background.

Three airmen- two with visible brevet standing in line in front or the rear turret of a Lancaster.

Nine airmen standing and sitting on the port wing and engines of a Lancaster.

Large group of airmen sitting and standing in five rows in front of a Lancaster in post-war colour scheme. Includes some Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

Six airmen sitting on a 4000lb HC bomb mounted on a trolley with a sergeant sitting in front. In the background a Lancaster.

Harry joined the Royal Australian Air Force on 25 June 1942 as a wireless operator/air gunner and received his initial training in Australia before going to Canada for his trade training.

He sailed on the SS Johan Van Barneve to San Francisco and…

Five airmen in a row, four standing and one sitting, all in front of a hut.

Nine airmen, four aircrew sitting in front and five standing behind. In the background the front of a Hampden with cartoon figure dropping bomb nose art.

Three airmen standing behind a 4000lb blockbuster bomb with a Lancaster in the background with squadron letters 'PO-L'. Bomb has names of ground crew with L love.

Seven airmen standing behind in a row while seven squat down in front. Some have visible brevet. Some are ground crew. In the background a Lancaster with bomb door open. The nose art is of a kneeling woman holding a bomb.

The service record of Albert Thomas Smith covering the period from his enlistment on 15 January 1926 to discharge on 23 March 1953. It includes reference to Albert being twice mentioned in despatches and being awarded the British Empire Medal and the…

Richard Moore served as ground crew at RAF Locking, RAF Squires Gate and RAF Wickenby.

A group of some 350 RAF personnel standing and sitting, on and in front of, a Lancaster. The photograph is mounted on a page, which is captioned: "SQUADRON 75 NEW ZEALAND".

Six photographs and a Certificate.
#1 is the group photograph, the signatures have been identified.
Arthur is back row, second left.
#2 is a squadron photograph with Arthur in the front row, sixth left. A typewritten caption reads 'RAF…

A large group of airmen and ground crew arranged in six rows under the front of a Halifax. On the reverse 'North Creek [sic] Norfolk 1944 A Dirkin'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies…

PSmithRW23020011 copy.jpg
Five photographs.
#1 and 4 are the same. Eight men standing under the front of their Wellington.
#2 Six airmen at the rear gun turret, One of the men is sat in the turret.
#3 Six airmen under the port engine of their Wellington.
#5 Seven airmen…

The three men are standing in the street in front of the 'Voisin hangar' at Udine-Campoformido airfield. A saloon car is visible behind them. On the reverse 'Outside Head Quarters Chris (Sigs) - Myself (F/Control) & Stan (Eng) Campoformido Udine…

The seven men are sitting on the wing of their B-17.
On the reverse ' "A" Able's ground crew'.

Bill standing at the entrance to his caravan.

Three airmen with a cart. Two are sitting on it whilst the third is pulling it. Behind is a large pile of timber.
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