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Letter of gratitude from Major Gordon Lett to Comandante Luciano Scotti regarding the military funeral and the condolences following the crash of a British aircraft and the death of its aircrew.


Comandante Luciano Scotti urges Major Gordon Lett to postpone the burial of the British aircrew who crashed near Rossano on 30 December 1944.


Writes about studio photograph of Malcolm. Talks about local dust storms and cleaning up. Catches up with Doris' birthday news and mentions 'Fred and Maggie' and their exploits. Catches up with family and acquaintances news.

Very happy to receive three letters from Doris and one from her mother. Offers opinion on photographs, speculates over Malcolm's fate and relates dreams about him.

Shows one bomb load for operation. Includes preselection and distributor settings, heights, false target settings and other details. On the reverse bombing instruction including not to bomb unless permission given by controller.

Shows two bomb loads annotated with weight calculations. Bombing heights and other details. On the reverse; Mosquito marking, aiming notes, routemarkers, bombing winds and other details.
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