Record of Flying Officer Kenneth Gill D.F.C (155097) RAFVR joined 1941



Record of Flying Officer Kenneth Gill D.F.C (155097) RAFVR joined 1941


Mentions training in Canada and qualified at navigator. List training on Wellington and one operational flight while at operational training unit at RAF North Luffenham December 1942 - March 1943. Continues to list training on Halifax and Lancaster and one operation while at 1660 conversion unit RAF Swinderby March 1943 to April 1943. List flying and operations of 9 Squadron at RAF Bardney from April 1943 to November 1943. Was commissioned on 27 June 1943. Gives details of operations from F540 and F541. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross 8 December 1943. Continues to list flying as navigation instructor at 5 Lancaster finishing school RAF Syerston from December 1943 to September 1944 when he joined 617 Squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa. List flying and operations from September 1944, including both operations against Tirpitz and many others (viaducts, boat pens, Emden, oil refinery and Urft dam) with tallboy and grand slam bombs (escorted by Spitfires or RAF P-51s). Was reported missing believed killed on operation to Abergen Railway Bridge near Bremen on 21 March 1945. Total of 46 operations. Concludes with account of loss of aircraft and loss of all crew. List crews on both 9 and 617 Squadron.



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“Record of Flying Officer Kenneth Gill D.F.C (155097) RAFVR joined 1941,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 5, 2024,

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