Wedding and WAAF's



Wedding and WAAF's


Left page: top left, invitation to Flying Officer R V Keeling DFC and Mrs Keeling to the wedding of Alice Sharpley and John Keeling.
Top right, six wedding guests including a man and woman in uniform at at Boswell House, North Elkington.
Middle left, wedding party at St. Helen’s Church, North Elkington, Lincolnshire.
Middle right, the bride and groom. Bottom, bride and groom with a man cutting a wedding cake.
Right page, left, 53 women in uniform in front of Rutland Hall, annotated, 'W.A.A.F Officers Initial Training Course, Loughborough 1941. Ursula (5th front) 1st row'.
Top right, man in tails with top hat on a path followed by a man and woman in uniform.
Bottom right, view through trees over water.

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One card invitation; seven b/w photographs on two album pages


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