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The telegram advises Miss Ross that the International Red Cross have confirmed that David Geach is a prisoner of war.

Confirms son is prisoner of war in Germany

Delighted message received, letter, parcel soap, socks towel via Red Cross delayed delivery, granddad away, all well.

Advises son arrived in London looking very fit.


Confirmation from International Red Cross society that son Pilot Officer Donald Arthur Baker was a prisoner of war in Germany. Notes his uncle has been informed.

The telegram is written to David Geach's father and confirms via the International Red Cross that he has been taken prisoner.

Opens with mention of Bomber Command memorial in Green Park and 55,573 despite killed, moral was high due to belief that winning was vital. Tells story that he was guest at two weddings in 1943 with three other members of Bomber Command and that all…

Full list of articles allowed for inclusion. Notes that list of contents is to be included.

Black metal button with red cross shield


Red cross shield and white cross shield on sunray background and gold crown with title around edge.


A list of contents of a parcel being sent to Dick Curnock by his mother.

Informs him his name has been communicated to Prisoner of War Bureau in London who will inform family of current address. Forwarded his letter.

Received his letter and forwarded to his parents along with message to British Red Cross enquiring about health of parents.

Received his letter and forwarded it to his parents with airmail message to send him a cable care of American Consul Tunis.

Received letter and forwarded to parents.

Says he had received 200 cigarettes, first for ages and was sorry she had started smoking. catches up on mail received. Mentions friend and arrival of parcels and contents. Mentions getting 3/4 of Red Cross parcel in last 7 weeks.

Number 18. Thanks her for efforts to organise food parcels but disappointed with one rich acquaintance. Thrilled to get old photographs of her. Continuing effort with his now own violin. Red Cross food parcel arriving regularly and well as some…

Number 30. Writes that medical comforts parcel (lists contents) and tobacco from father had arrived. Writes of his activities and weather. Christmas Red Cross parcels have arrived. Hopes daughter Frances had good Christmas.

Number 37. Notes received parcel from mother and asks her to send thanks as he has no spare cards. Reports other parcel arriving and thanks her for organising foreign contributions. Red Cross Christmas parcels as well. Notes camp choir and orchestra…

Number 38. Mentions Christmas food and activities but still problems tasting anything. Didn't enjoy himself. Asks after daughter and requests news as only one letter from her received that month. Hoping for big things in 1943.

Number 10. Reports no mail but Red Cross parcels coming in. Recounts his own feelings and activities. Notes his 300th day in captivity while some others have 1300 days.

Number 19. Large quantities of Red Cross food were arriving at the camp. He suggested that Ursula and Frances could live, and help, on a farm until he gets home.

Number 84-141. Gives results of recent music exams. Weather turned mild and back to slush. Asks to see if she can get recompense for missing Red Cross parcel. Awaiting details of house.

Number 147-4. Very few letters have arrived. Comments on weather not cold but slush. Got new boots from Red Cross and comments on climate and lack of exercise. Mention that there are plenty of Red Cross parcels available but misses bread and…

Number 156-13. Writes it has been month since her last letter arrived. Mentions weather and violin. Still getting Red Cross food and despite cut in potatoes and increased number in camp, they are still alright.
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