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Expressing sympathy that they had heard through official channels that his son was reported as killed in action with two other members of his crew. From officer commanding 61 Squadron.

Navigation calculations and a chart for operation to Frankfurt.

Photographs of Kenneth Grant Ramsay's gravestone in Germany.

The letter refers to Mr Joseph's son, Flight Sergeant David Joseph who is reported as missing in action. A list of his crew is included. The list does not include Sergeant Louis Makens who joined the crew as mid under gunner and became a prisoner of…

A letter to Mrs Winifred Ramsay referring to the death of her son, Kenneth Grant Ramsay and giving details of his final resting place.

Annotated at the top 'Minols, OK'. Shows three bomb loads for operation. Details preselection and other settings for bombs. Includes weights, timings, Window, effort level, route, waves , marking method and bombing instructions. Annotated 'Frankfurt'…

Target photograph of Frankfurt. No detail visible. Diagonal light streaks. Captioned '5B', 221 SKELL. 18/19-3-44//NT. 5" 20700 [arrow] 190° 2207 FRANKFURT. U. 1X4000 14X4 10X30 31 SECS. F/L BLACKHAM U.50.' On the reverse '[underlined] F/LT BLACKHAM…

Mario Miniussi recalls the 18 March 1944 Monfalcone night bombing. He was sleeping when the siren sounded; then he saw the bombs falling on the shipyard among explosions and fires. Remembers how he was normally at school during alarms, so he and his…

Returning from an operation against an airfield near Gorizia, British aircraft drop small bombs on a rural lane where two oxen are pulling a cart. Two men are running away from the scene. Buildings are visible on the left.

Label reads “96”;…

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