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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-04-25"

Top left - view across lake of distant snow covered mountains. Captioned 'Lake Minnewanka & Mt Giraid, Banff, 12.5.42'.
Top right - view down a lake with mountains left, right and in the distance. Captioned 'Lake Minnewanka & Fairholm Range, Banff,…

Top left - view down a town street with low buildings each side, mountain in the distance. Captioned 'Main street, Banff, Alta. Cascade Mt in background 25.4.42'.
Top right - view of river down a valley with mountains either side and in the…

Reports arrival of six letters from him that week and gives dates sent. Relates sad news that friend was reported missing in Malaya and that the news had led to the death of another friend. Writes of the subsequent funeral and other plans. Glad to…

Writes about recent weather. Catches up with other correspondence and passes on news that a friend was reported missing. Mentions plans to visit friend in Skipton. Describes local of money raising event. Writes that his last cable was unintelligible…

Telegram reporting all is well and address RAF Abu Sueir
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