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An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

H. W. Bennett’s RAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 23 April 1937 to 14 June 1943, detailing training, operations and instructional duties as an Air Observer, Air Gunner, Bomb Aimer and Navigator. Includes bombing and…

Starts with account of life at school (Rendcomb College) from 1931 to 1937. Continues with decade 1938-1948 starting with time at Cheltenham Art School in 1938 and 1939. Continues with account of wartime activity including enlistment, training at RAF…

Two newspaper cuttings with an explanation of the RAF's activities in Aden.

Two photographs of holiday snaps.
#1 is Arnold and his two boys, captioned ' L-R: Arnold Louis, Derek Allan, Brian Arnold Holidays - 1937'.
#2 is four children captioned 'from top: Brian, Margaret (family friend), Derek, June summer holiday -…

Officer pilots' tie club, reason for formation and membership rules, subscription, address and levie.

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Term report 1936-37 from Junior Technical School, Leeds. List subjects, results and remarks.

A large group of airmen wearing tunics and peaked caps sitting and standing in four rows in front of a building with columned veranda. Two versions of the same image, the first has Polish language caption and some of the personnel are annotated with…

A airmen wearing tunic and peaked cap standing on side of a river with bank, trees and a house in the background. On the reverse a note in Polish and date '1937'. Three versions of the same image, the second submitted with note 'img374' and the third…

A coloured caricature of Bill Lutwyche. Information supplied with the collection states '1937 RAF Wyton The Ginger Baron of 114 Squadron'. Behind is a Blenheim and a hangar.

Nine airmen, including Bill, in flying kit. Information supplied with the collection states '1937 Corporal C.E.Lutwyche training (with 49 or 114 Sqdn)'.

Top left - full length image of a couple with young boy in shorts standing between them. Captioned '1937'.
Top right - two airmen, one with sergeant rank, both wearing tunics standing either side of a young man in civilian dress. Captioned 'Bashaw…

Top left - view down the side of a barrack block with another to the right.
Bottom left - view of distant barrack blocks and huts across a field.
Right - view through the gates of College Hall, RAF Cranwell. Captioned 'RAF College Cranwell 1937'.

Group of man wearing sports kit sitting and standing in a field. Man of right wears RAF uniform tunic. Captioned 'Hockey group, Cranwell 1937'.

Top left - three airmen wearing tunics standing on grass with trees either side. Captioned 'Cranwell 1940'.
Bottom left - a group of airmen wearing tunics sitting and standing by a brick building. Captioned Cranwell 1937'.
Right - portrait of eight…

Left - front quarter view of a steam locomotive.
Right front view of a steam locomotive.
Captioned 'The "Coronation" Scot, 1937'.

Top - young boy in shorts standing by tennis net. Captioned 'Pete 1933'.
Bottom left - woman wearing skirt, blouse and hat waling on a path. Captioned '1937'.
Bottom right - two men, one wearing blazer and slacks the other a suit standing in…

Left - couple and a boy on pathway with trees shrubbery either side. Captioned 'Dad, Mum and Pete 1937'.
Right - an older man wearing suit and tie with cane in hand standing in by brick house.

Reports from Kingston upon Hull Grammar School from autumn term 1934 to spring term 1939.

Starts with early memories of life at home and school. Mentions his father was in the RAF stationed at RAF Henlow, RAF Cardington and Brize Norton. Mentions laying up car at the beginning of the war as they were not entitled to petrol coupons but…

The story of Roy Chadwick, Chief Designer of A.V. Roe & Co Ltd from 1919 to 1947, The aircraft he designed, and the lasting contribution he made to Britain's aviation industry. Covers chapter 1 - 15. Starts with early years and then a has a chapter…

Covers medical problems in childhood, starting work with Bristol aircraft company in 1937, medically unfit for RAF aircrew, he was sent to work on Beaufighter at RAF Predannack where he was awarded a white feather by a young lady at a social event.…

Describes early life, joining the RAF, training and joining 10 Squadron as mid-upper gunner on Halifax. Was shot down during operation to Munich on 6/7 September 1943. After evading was capture and prisoner of war until April 1945. Goes…
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