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Joke certificate admitting arrant Officer Sparkes to the society.

Top left - flight line at Goose with aircraft parked. Captioned 'Victor, Vulcan, VC10 on the strip at Goose'.
Top centre - Vulcan just airborne.
Top right - a formation of four Vulcans in line astern. Captioned 'Vulcans returning from Chicago air…

Top left - colour photograph of a CH-113 Labrador helicopter landing in forest clearing. Captioned 'arriving at Crooks Lake for fishing trip.
Top centre - colour photograph of a group of men in fancy dress. Captioned 'tramps night'.
Top right -…

Formation of airmen marching past inside a hanger with reviewing party bottom left. Captioned 'A.V.M. Wade takes the salute Wing Co Redding leads the parade followed by F/O Pilgrim-Morris and yours truly. S/Ldr Tony Ingolby on right of the dais as…


Title 'RAF Goose Bay Labrador Canada, C.O. Wing Commander Ron Redding, the only unit to wear K.D. and artic clothing'.
Top - squadron photograph of airmen wearing tropical uniform sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Vulcan,
Bottom -…

Snow covered road winding through trees, low hills in the distance. Captioned 'Bringing civilization to Labrador'.

Describes crossing the Atlantic to Canada and journey to Bowden, Alberta and then on to Estevan, Saskatchewan. Day by day account of activities, flying and life in Canada, Concludes with journey back across Canada

Top left - newspaper article 'RAF Bombers on mass ocean flight'. States that 16 Lancasters landed at Mitchel Field on first leg of goodwill tour of United States. The 35 Squadron planes carried their own ground crew and all flyers were veterans of…

Air to ground view of eight Lancasters with light paint scheme lined up in pairs pointing right. Beyond them a runway with buildings on the far side.

Air-to-ground view of Gander airfield looking south west . Main runway from mid left to bottom right. Hangars and other buildings below and above runway. Subsidiary runway on right River on left.

Notes that Captain Donaldson master of Hudson AE 538 with three on board on route to United Kingdom entered and cleared Newfoundland Airport 6 September 1941.


Temporary, special area, crew pass made out to Flight Lieutenant Donaldson between 21 August 1941 and 28 August 1941

Pilots flying log book for Michael James Beetham, covering the period from 5 December 1945 to 18 July 1952. Detailing his post war squadron duties, staff duties, flying training and instructor duties and flew the victory day fly past and good will…

Beginning of the year daily entries describe weather, training and activities at Medicine Hat. Course finished mid February and takes leave to see female friend in United States before travelling to St Johns. Voyage in convoy back to United Kingdom…

Pilots flying log book for Ronald Mathers covering the period from 1 October 1944 to 24 February 1948. Detailing his flying training, instructor duties and duties with 35 squadron. He was stationed at RAF Swinderby, RAF Finningley, RAF Hullavington,…

Top, photograph of a Lancastrian with its crew on a airfield with aircraft in the background, captioned 'May 1946 Gander'.
Centre left, is a photogrpah of an airman in uniform, seated with back to photographer, over looking a coastline, captioned…

Top, photograph of countryside, captioned 'Seen on Marine Drive, Newfoundland'.
Centre, photograph of small boats, beached, with sea and coast in background, captioned '1946 Newfoundland'.
Bottom, photograph of a coastal bay, captioned '06…

Top, photograph of countryside around St Johns, captioned, '50 Shadow pool, Bowring Park, St John's. Newfoundland', 'Copyright'.
Centre, photograph of buildings with the sea in the background captioned 'St Johns, Newfoundland 1946'.

A map of North America with a route plotted on it. Airfields visited are listed from Gravely and back. It is captioned '"Operation Goodwill" 8th July to 29th Aug 1946.'
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