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A group of 46 trainees arranged in eight rows.
On the reverse each man has signed his name. There is an annotation '21 Initial Training Wing Bridlington Yorkshire January 1st- February 11th 1944'.

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Seven items in a scrapbook. #1 is the Bomber Command crest #2 is 5 Group crest #3 is 61 Squadron crest #4 is 101 Squadron crest #5 is Ernest's call up paper #6 is Ernest's acceptance into air force #7 is a meal pass used at ITW Bridlington.

Albert was born in Aberdeenshire. Before the war he worked as an apprentice in an engineering firm. In 1943 he volunteered for the Royal Air Force, trained at London, Bridlington and Newquay before going for mechanical and engineering training. …

Tom Coles was born in Watford and signed up for the Royal Air Force at the age of 18. He went to Canada for training, a period saddened by the loss of his sister who was in the Women’s Auxilliary Air Force. Tom flew Manchesters, then went to 158…

Writes of going to Bridlington for a long weekend but not being impressed. Comments on recent weather. Continues with description of some of his activities. Notes he had been on the squadron longer than most and would have finished his tour had not…

The news-sheet covers the return of prisoners of war and issues that they will face, POW letters from the Far East, Prisoners and Parliament, Camp visits by the YMCA, Prison Camps as schools of Citizenships, Next-of-kin Parcels, International Red…

Photo 1 - Woody Freamo in civilian clothes with a toddler.

Photo 2 - Wedding photograph of Woody Freamo and Lily. He is in uniform, she is wearing a dress with a fur stole over her shoulders, hat and gloves.

Photo 3 - a hotel in Bridlington,…

Six colour postcards of Bridlington.
1 Sewerby Cliffs
2 The Spa
3 The harbour
4 Princes Gardens
5 Sands and Spa
6 Victoria Terraces and sands

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies…

Six colour postcards.
1 South Sands, Bridlington
2 Landing, Flamborough
3 Yorkshireman, Bridlington
4 Promenade, North Shore, Bridlington
5 Bridlington
6 Thornwick Bay, Flamborough

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in…

Photo 1 is Ray sitting on a promenade wall with a dog.
Photo 2 is Dorothy sitting on a beach, annotated 'Bridlington'.
Photo 3 is Ray sitting on a beach.
Photo 4 is Ray standing in a park, annotated 'Horley'.
Photo 5 is Dorothy standing by the…

Photo 1 is Ray on the promenade.
Photo 2 is Dorothy on a post on the beach.
Photo 3 is Ray, Dorothy, Fred and Rays mother and father on steps.
Photo 4 is Ray on a post on the beach.
Photo 5 is Ray and Dorothy on the promenade.
Photo 6 is Dorothy…

Five trainee airmen including Fred Hooker, arranged round a desk. On the reverse are signatures of four men and 'Bridlington 1943'.

Written for Cornish aviation society. Welcomes Philip Jenkinson and gives account of his training and operations on 10 Squadron Halifax. Describes being shot down and baling out. Mentions evading, capture and as a prisoner being on a tour of his…
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