Four RAF Crests and Three Documents



Four RAF Crests and Three Documents


Seven items in a scrapbook.
#1 is the Bomber Command crest
#2 is 5 Group crest
#3 is 61 Squadron crest
#4 is 101 Squadron crest
#5 is Ernest's call up paper
#6 is Ernest's acceptance into air force
#7 is a meal pass used at ITW Bridlington.



Seven printed items on an album page


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PProbynEA17010002, PProbynEA17010003


[Bomber Command crest]
[5 Group crest]
[61 Squadron crest]
[101 Squadron crest]

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[underlined] NATIONAL SERVICE (ARMED FORCES) ACTS [/underlined]


Local Office, OXFORD
Registration No TGL.1667. 10 AUG 1942 (Date)

[boxed] Mr E.A. Probyn.
7. Icknield Road
Bucks. [/boxed]

Dear Sir,

I have to inform you that in accordance with the National Service (Armed Forces) Acts you are required to submit yourself to medical examination by a medical board at 12-30 [deleted] a.m. [/deleted] p.m. on Monday, 17 AUG 1942 194, at the Medical Board Centre, ST MICHAEL'S HALL,

If you wear glasses, you should bring them with you to the Medical Board.

On reporting for medical examination you should present this form and your Certificate of Registration (N.S.2) to the clerk in charge of the waiting room.

*A Travelling Warrant for your return journey is enclosed. Before starting your journey you must exchange the warrant for a ticket at the booking office named on the warrant. You should take special care of the return half of the ticket as in the event of loss you will be required to obtain a fresh ticket at normal fare at your own expense.

[deleted] *If you reside more than six miles from the Medical Board Centre and travel by omnibus or tram your fare will be paid at the Centre. [/deleted]

Any expenses or allowances which may become payable to you in accordance with the scale overleaf will be paid to you on application when you attend at the Medical Board Centre.

Immediately on receipt of this notice, you should inform your employer of the date and time at which you are required to attend for medical examination.

If you are called up you will receive a further notification giving you at least three days' notice. You should accordingly not voluntarily give up your employment because you are required to attend for medical examination.

[underlined] Your attention is directed to the Notes printed on the back of this Notice. [/underlined]

Yours faithfully,
Manager. P.T.O.

*Delete if not applicable

[underlined] Meal Pass. [/underlined] To be clipped at every meal taken at the mess hall at I.T.W Bridlington, Yorks.

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Name PROBYN. E A Squadron 4
Number 1896412 Date Issued
[ink stamp] RILEY [/ink stamp] 4145
[used weekly clipped meal pass]

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No 1896412 Name PROBYN. E A.

[inserted] AC1 + /Air Gunner [/inserted]

1. Meaning of "deferred service" – If you have been accepted for training for air crew duties you will, normally, first of all be placed on [italics] deferred service [/italics]. This means that, although accepted for service in the Royal Air Force, you will remain in civil life until such time as you are called up for air crew training, but as you have been attested, or enlisted, and have been given a Royal Air Force number, you are an aircraftsman (A.C.2), and therefore are no longer free to join the Army or the Royal Navy, or the Royal Air Force in any other capacity than that for which you have now been accepted. You will receive your orders from the AIR OFFICER, I/C RECORDS, ROYAL AIR FORCE, READING, and if any problems arise during your period of deferred service, it is to this officer that you should write.

2. Length of deferred service. – It is expected that your period of deferred service will be [inserted] 1-3* [/inserted] months, but this must not be regarded as a guaranteed period, as no doubt you realise, that while you are waiting circumstances may change, and this period may therefore be either longer or shorter (than you have been told by the Attestation Officer). You will receive periodically a letter from the Air Officer i/c Records, who will if possible give you the latest information about your period of deferment.

3. Civil employment during deferred service. – It is very important that you should not relinquish your civil employment on being accepted for air crew training. Reasonable notice of calling up will be given (whenever possible at least a fortnight's notice is given), and both you and your employer should understand that it is in the national interest (as well as your own) that you should remain in your ordinary employment until you receive notice of calling up.

4. A.T.C. Training. – If you are not already a member of the A.T.C. you are advised to get in touch with the A.T.C. unit, most convenient to your home or place of employment. The address of the unit will be supplied to you and you should train with the A.T.C. until such time as you are required for Air Force Service. The A.T.C. will give you much preliminary training which will be of great assistance to you, and will give you a grounding in service subjects which will enable you to absorb instruction more rapidly when you begin your air crew training.

5. Immediate employment. – (a) Candidates accepted for training in the pilot/navigator/bomber category, whose special circumstances constitute such as would make a period of deferred service a hardship, may be given immediate employment on ground duties on compassionate grounds.

(b) Candidates accepted for training as wireless operator air gunner whose special circumstances constitute such as would make a period of deferred service a hardship may be granted entry to wireless training for ground duties with a minimum delay.

[inserted] * Subject to release from Industry [/inserted]

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