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A coloured sketch of the crew of Stirling BK604 completed by a prisoner at Dulag Luft.

The graves of the four airmen who died when their Stirling was shot down, Enter, Netherlands.

Eight photographs of the crew of Stirling BK604. Four were killed and four were taken prisoner.

A biography of Fred. In addition it includes histories of aircraft and squadrons he served in, Details are included of airfields he served at. Additionally there are biographies of various servicemen associated with Fred's squadrons and service.

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An article written by ED Leaviss about the formation of the association.

Pilots flying log book for Keith F Thiele, covering the period from 20 January 1941 to 18 February 1946. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties including his conversion to single seat fighters with operations over…

Press cutting, referring to a officer of 15 Squadron.

Recounts this New Zealand pilots superb handling of his aircraft after it struck high tension cable after take off. Despite damage to main navigation aid he continues with his 1700 mile operation which was completed successfully. After landing damage…

Account of George Thomson's aircraft 'NF958 (LS-M) of 15 Squadron being shot down by ME 110 on 12 September 1944. Five crew bailed out and were taken prisoner, the pilot did not escape and one other crew member left aircraft but was never seen again.…

Four items, Edward's brief description of the operation, the second his navigation plot, third is a map showing the target and fourth part of an official report of the operatoin. This includes the number and squadrons of the aircraft that took part,…

Top - a large group of airmen wearing a variety of uniform sitting and standing in six rows with buildings and trees in the background. Captioned 37 Sqn Aircrew Aug 1944'.
Note 'Brian Jeffares NZ .. Nav [....], Snowy Ayton, NZ ....[..].... J…

Three photograph from an album.
Photo 1 is Pilot Danny Boon leaning out of his cockpit. 43 operations are painted on the nose. It is captioned 'Fl/Lt Danny Boon, Royal New Zealand Air Force'.
Photo 2 is Bill seated at his station, captioned 'F/Off…

One name two addresses. NZ 4216052 Sgt D J Jenkins addresses in Brighton and New Zealand.

One name, two addresses. NZ 436951 Sgt Gray P N. Address in Brighton and New Zealand.

NZ 405619 LAC Ladd DG with address in London and New Zealand. Signature at the bottom right.

Two names. Leonard H Belchamber and Frank C Lockie both from New Zealand. On the right a photograph of a man in shirtsleeves holding a baby with window in the background.

Two names. Peter Ripon and Jeffrey Bastion both from New Zealand.

Half length image of a pilot wearing unbuttoned tunic with trees in the background. Annotated 'Jack Brigham, 20 Pompallier Terrace, Auckland New Zealand.

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Half length image of a pilot wearing unbuttoned tunic with pilot's brevet standing in a garden with fence, trees and houses in the background. Annotated 'Leslie J Ayers, Winchmore R D, Ashburton N Z'.

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Writes that he had been away for a week on a gunner course and managed to scrape through as grade 1 and that he was now a real gunner. Writes about his New Zealand crew of skipper, bomb aimer and wireless operator as well as British navigator and…

Seven airmen in a line in front of their Lancaster 'N'. Information supplied with the collection states:
'The crew are, left to right (ranks at the time the photo was taken, late 1944)
Sgt Trevor Connolly (NZ) - Wireless Operator
Eric Parker

11 airmen grouped around a statue of Mercury. On the front five of them have their names annotated. On the reverse 'New Zealand air crew officers Happy Days April/43'.


None airmen grouped beside a statue of Mercury. On the reverse 'More of the Boys - New Zealand air crew Steady on for a Shot!'

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Describes training and crewing up at operational training unit on Wellingtons. Mentions staying in London on leave with RCAF colleague, using the Canadian forces club London and dining at the Ritz. Includes diary entry describing operational baptism.…
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