Crew in the last days



Crew in the last days


Top row, from left;
A group of 13 uniformed airmen arranged in two rows outside an open window in a tile fronted building. Seven are standing all with half caps with six seated in front, including two officers. The individuals are annotated, from the top left 'F/S's Spencer, Runl, Porter, Robertson, Sheperdson, Launder, Podborski' and front left ' Bercuson, Tees, P/O's Rolfe, Wittmack, Sgt's Crawford, Smith'. There are blue X's marked against Robertson, Bercuson, Tees and Wittmack. The image is further annotated 'C Squad WAGs 23.8.43';
A group of 27 men in uniform, 24 wearing training half caps, annotated 'Class 48D - 20 weeks on course', Two individuals are further annotated with an M and four with an X. The group is arranged in two rows, one of 18 standing and 9, seated in front;
Seven airmen in uniform, arranged in two rows. The back row are annotated 'Jack, Bert Jackson, Eric (?)' and the men in front, 'Stan Jones, Tom Dykins ad Dave Cook'. Labelled 'First Crew'.

Second row, from left,
A half portrait of John 'Jack' Crawford in his training half cap;
A man sat in an open topped two seater car with the number 7 on its side;
Jack in uniform, annotated 'In Paisley, Scotland';
Jack, in uniform, ststanding behind two two men and two women, annotated 'With uncle Bob's family in Paisley';
A head and shoulder portrait of Edna Crawford; Jack and Edna, both in uniform, annotated 'The Crawford's honeymoon';
A seated Jack in uniform, showing his warrant officer's badge;
Jack and Edna.

Third row, from left,
annotated 'The crashed Lancaster 29 August 1944';
A group of seven airmen standing under the fuselage of a Lancaster. They are wearing Mae Wests and annotated from left 'Jack Crawford, Doug Looms, Dave Cook, Tom Dykins, Bert Jackson, Paul Thompson (the family do not think this is Paul - but I'm not so sure - Ed) and Stan Jones. Labelled 'The crew in the last days';
A close up of jack's head annotated 'Jack Crawford R.I.P'.

Fourth row, from left;
Annotated 'Edna's passport photograph';
An airman wearing flying helmet with goggles, annotated 'Paul Thompson DFC R.I.P'.

Bottom right an airman wearing a Mae West annotated 'Dave Cook R.I.P'.

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