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Three clippings from The Star, the first reviewing a book written by Constance Babington-Smith, Evidence in Camera describing the work done by the Photographic Interpreters.
The second a cartoon.
The third dated October 17th 1957 is a book review…

Three photographs, one showing Arthur standing in front of a structure, the second showing him with other members of the servicing team standing in front of a tent.
The third shows a servicing team standing in front of a Spitfire parked on the…

Contains British, American, German and Italian aircraft silhouettes.

Air-to-air view of a Wellington, a Spitfire and a P-51 in formation. Submitted with caption 'Wellington hurricane (sic) p'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

A brief biography of Dennis featuring photographs described in the collection. It covers his training and service as a fitter in the UK and Canada. He maintained a Lancaster that completed 124 ops and the aircraft was, unusually, awarded a DSO.

Top left - air-to-air view of a formation of four Wellingtons in echelon over open countryside. Captioned 'Wimpy'.
Top right - air-to-air view from front looking down on airborne Handley Page Harrow. Captioned 'Harrow'.
Bottom left - air-to-air…

Two articles. First gives brief description of two operations against Stuttgart 41/2 hours apart. Second describes attacks against German gun positions near Flushing as well as German HQ on low countries front.

Two articles. Both provide brief descriptions of RAF attack on Bonn.

31 cadets and officers arranged in two rows in front of a Spitfire.


Tadeusz record of flying at No 48 M.U for years 1952 to 1958. Lists aircraft types and hours by month.

A pilot standing by the front of his Spitfire, 'G'.

An airman standing in front of the tail of a clipped wing Spitfire.

A starboard side view of a Spitfire on the ground. It has the code 'MN' on the side and part of the registration is AA9**.

An airman sitting in a Spitfire. He is wearing a Mae West lifejacket.

Left page - top left, air-to-air view of a distant Lancaster flying to the right with undercarriage down,
Top right - air-to-air view of a distant Lancaster flying to the right with undercarriage down,
Bottom left - air-to-air view from slightly…

Left page - top left - air-to-air view from below astern of a Spitfire registration 'PS94[..]'.
Top right - view from underneath of an Avro Vulcan. Captioned 'Avro Vulcan'.
Middle right - rear quarter view of the front part of a D H Rapide.…

Left page - top left - partially obscured image of marching troops.
Right - troops on parade with standard in front.
Bottom left - two members of Royal Observer Corps standing leaning on the propeller of a twin engine aircraft.
Bottom middle…

Air-to-air view of Spitfire Mk 16 TE405 F-JVM of the Central Gunnery School banking away. In the background clouds.


Ait-to-air view of Spitfire Mk 16 TE405 F-JVM of the Central Gunnery School with clouds below. The wingtip of aircraft from which photograph is taken is visible bottom left.


Air-to-air view of Spitfire Mk 16 TE405 F-JVM of the Central Gunnery School over open countryside.


Starts with account of operation to Paris on 3 May 1944 when attacked by Me 109 and writes of crew actions. Continues with list of operations giving details of target, anti-aircraft fire, flight time, some bomb loads, events, results. From 3 August…

Apocryphal tale of a spitfire pilot's misdemeanours on arrival at a station and after rudeness to authorities was found to be nephew of secretary of state for air.
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