Apocryphal tale of a spitfire pilot's misdemeanours on arrival at a station and after rudeness to authorities was found to be nephew of secretary of state for air.

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Told by a Flight Lieutenant from Digby.
Fotheringay-Jones was posted to a Spitfire Squadron
and reported to the Flight Command Squadron Leader,
"Fotheringay Jones, eh? Jolly good show old chap, get
yourself genned up on Station orders, routine orders,
Flight order book etc." .
"Actually, I want to get in the air, Sir". “Hey”! “want to fly
a Spitfire". "All in good time Fotheringay-Jones". "No,
No Sir, now, there is one due for an air test in the
hangar, can I take it up?" "Oh, very well Fotheringay-
Jones, it's good to see you're so keen, do the office
work later".
Fotheringay-Jones was airborne in minutes and after a
couple of circuits, began to beat up the Admin. Area at
very low level. After the Spitfire passed his window,
the wing tip just a few feet away for the fourth time,
the Flight Commander tried to get him recalled, but
Fotheringay-Jones hadn't turned on his radio
transmitter and had no joy. At this time Fotheringay-
Jones changed his attention to the Station
Commander's Office. The Commanding Officer ducked
each time the Spitfire, now upside down, flashed past
his window, shaking the building and blowing his door

in and scattering papers everywhere. He picked up the
phone to the Flight Commander and tore him off a
strip, asking for an explanation.
When Fotheringay-Jones eventually landed he was told
by a white faced mechanic to report to the Flight
Commander. When he swaggered into the office, the
Flight Commander snarled at him, "You think you're
clever, you're not, you're bloody dangerous, you've
broken all the station rules. Your foolish behaviour has
incurred my serious displeasure and also that of the
Commanding Officer."
Fotheringay-Jones calmly, "Have you finished, Sir?"
"Yes, for the moment." "Then you can go and get
stuffed." "l beg your pardon." "Go and get stuffed."
"Get out." The Flight Commander called the
Commanding Officer reporting Fotheringay-Jones was
insolent and the Commanding Officer demanded the
words of insolence. "Well, he told me to get stuffed."
"Did he, send him to me, bring him here yourself." The
Flight Commander with Fotheringay-Jones duly arrived
at the Commanding Officer's office, he was given an
angry dressing down by the Commanding Officer. As
he finished, Fotheringay - Jones said "Go and have a
good shit." Fotheringay -Jones was turned out and the
Commanding Officer sent for Fotheringay-Jones's

documents. The Adjutant brought them in and the
Commanding Officer told the Flight Commander to
read them. "Elementary Flying School- a highly
proficient student. Basic flying School- well above
average. Advanced Flying School- Extraordinary.
Operational Conversion Unit - Fotheringay-Jones will
make an exceptional Operational Pilot. Further
remarks - Pilot Officer Fotheringay-Jones is a nephew
of H.M. Secretary of State for Air. The Commanding
Officer knocked out the ash of his pipe "That's all Flight
Commander. I'm going to the lavatory, you can make
your own arrangements.



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