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Wireless Operator's (Air) Log Book for operation to Cham 17 April 1945 including call signs, actions, bearings and fixes taken.

Target photograph of Pilsen. Completely obscured by haze, smoke, dust, light streaks and balls of light. Captioned 'V', '5B', '5152 SKELL.16/17.4.45//NT(C)8" 12750' 165° 0401. PISEN.B. 1HC4000(Tr)IN+6MC500(M2)DT46ANM64DT.27secs.F/L.RAWLE.B.61.'. On…

List crews and aircraft for operations on night 16/17 April 1945. Includes two crews with second pilot. One or two crew members from each crew are underlined in red. Includes duty personnel.

German soldiers have entered the town square during the day and are herding civilians together by pointing guns and shouting orders. Five figures (who have their hands tied behind their backs) have been separated out and taken towards the front of a…


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