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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1943-09"

A group of trainees arranged in four rows. Underneath each man is named.

Biography of Rohan Amerasekera. Consist of early life, war service in the RAF including training eventually as as a navigator. Operational tours on 158 Squadron and 35 Squadrons. Lists his crew. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross in January 1944.…

Biography of Rohan Amerasekera. Consist of early life, war service in the RAF including training eventually as as a navigator. Operational tours on 158 Squadron and 35 Squadrons. Lists his crew. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross in January 1944.…

Made out for Pilot Officer William Roy Peter Perry. Narrative mentions completed 20 operations, showing outstanding skill and determination. Skilful airmanship enabled gunner to shoot down enemy fighter. Twice had to recover aircraft on three engine…

Full length image of an airman wearing tunic and peaked cap standing arm-in-arm with a woman wearing dress, both standing at the bottom of steps to door of a house. On the reverse 'Sept 1943'.

Top left - an airman wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and side cap sitting on a bench with pigeons. Captioned 'Trapper on Boston Common, Sept 43'.
Top right - view from rear of an airman sitting on a bench in a park watching a squirrel perched on…

Top left - view over water with trees either side. Captioned 'National Park, Sydney 8th Aug 43'
Top right - five men wearing shorts standing with window in the background. Captioned '"Trapper"-"Boong" - Bruce Simms - "D.C."-"Clicker", CMS, Taunton…

Describes the introduction of Halifax into service with associated problems. Mentions first operations to Le Havre. Goes on to describe engine and gun turret upgrades as well as other modifications. Continues with introduction of Mk 3. and Mk 6…

Describes location, construction and layout. Opened in September 1943 with 207 Squadron Lancaster and later 44 Squadron. Last operation was in April 1945 to Berchtesgaden. Covers post-war squadron moves, locations and disbandment, including arrival…

Letter and explanatory note. Written from RAF Bruntingthorpe letting Alex know that he would be home on leave next week. Mentions previous visit home and plans to take time off with Mary in Scarborough. Comments on lack of mail and news from home and…

Describes log books. Mentions August 1943 accident leading to no entries for September 1943. Gained commission in RAF in 1948. Mentions flying first jet in November 1948 and two incidents while flying and that he had shortened his name from…

Page captioned 'New York from the boat September 1942.' Four photographs, first water in the foreground, docks and the city in the distance, captioned 'Staten Island with the Empire State at the back'.
Second and fourth, water in the foreground,…

Page captioned 'Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. September 1943. Five photographs, first shows two RAF aircrew officers standing in front of a car parked in front of a house, captioned Alan and I alongside Dr Lundie's car'.
Second shows a family…


A group of RAF officers and members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force all standing apart from two who are kneeling in front. All are wearing uniform tunics. In the background trees. Captioned in white ink. Submitted with description 'Lunch at WAAF…

Top - five men in uniform standing in a group on steps in front of a building. The man in the centre holds a tankard. Submitted with description 'Five officers standing on steps in front of building at RAF Syerston. Date unknown. Left-right: Lt…

Top - six airmen, four standing an two sitting on steps. All are wearing battledress with brevet. In the background a door to a building. To the left a sign with Maltese cross. Submitted with description 'Duplicate of MAVCP:2019/M08/35 and MAVC37-15…

Top - a group of servicemen and Women's Auxiliary Air Force members all wearing uniform tunic, two kneeling in front and the other standing with trees in the background. Submitted with description 'Lunch at WAAF Officers' Mess Syerston Sep 1943. Left…

Twelve airmen all wearing greatcoats and side caps, six sitting in front and 6 standing behind. In front a board 'No 8 course flight engineers squad 4, 1942-09-14, B - G'. On the reverse 'August to September 1943 RAF St Athan, South Wales, Cpl Thomas…

Covers command structure on formation and names commanders. Mentions original multinational crews. Covers some details of operational record at RAF Kirmington. Concludes with move to RAF Scampton and formation of 153 Squadron.

A montage of aircrew photographs. Course 84 33EFTS, Caron Saskatchewan, Canada, RAF, captioned; “No33 EFTS. Caron, Saskatchewan. Sept ’43”

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Victor standing in uniform beside a haystack, captioned 'Vic'.
Photo 2 is a woman standing beside a haystack, the caption has been deleted.
Photo 3 is a woman standing in a park, captioned 'September…

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Notes describing first leaflet sortie, problems with starboard engine, forced landing and activities in France and return to England. Then moves on to 207 Squadron and lists operations and flying after finishing second tour and post war.
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