Recommendation for non-immediate award of Distinguished Flying Cross



Recommendation for non-immediate award of Distinguished Flying Cross


Made out for Pilot Officer William Roy Peter Perry. Narrative mentions completed 20 operations, showing outstanding skill and determination. Skilful airmanship enabled gunner to shoot down enemy fighter. Twice had to recover aircraft on three engine and once on two. On the reverse a list of 20 operations between 20 May 1943 and 10 November 1943.






Two page typewritten document


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[circled] 45 [/circled]

[underlined] RECOMMENDATION FOR [/underlined] NON-IMMEDIATE [underlined] AWARD. [/underlined] [deleted] IMMEDIATE [/deleted]

[missing letters]istian Names William Roy Peter Surname PERRY
Rank Pilot Officer Official Number 146323
Command or Group. No. 5 Group, Bomber Command. Unit No. 106 Squadron.

Total Hours Flown on Operations 140.45

Number of Sorties 20

Total hours flown on Operations since receipt of previous Award N/A

Number of sorties carried out since receipt of previous Award N/A

Recognition for which recommended Distinguished Flying Cross

Appointment held Pilot

[underlined] Particulars of meritorious service for which recommendation is made: [/underlined]
P/O Perry as Captain of aircraft has completed 20 successful operational sorties, against some of the most heavily defended targets including Berlin twice.

He has shown outstanding determination and skill in pressing home his attacks which has been proved by him obtaining aiming point photographs.

On one occasion when detailed to attack Nuremburg, his aircraft was attacked by a fighter. His skillful [sic] airmanship enabled his gunner to engage and shoot it down. On two other occasions he showed outstanding airmanship when he had to bring his aircraft safely to base on three engines, and on one of these occasions part of the trip was carried out on only two engines.

I consider the skill, courage and determination shown by P/O Perry throughout his operational tour fully merit the award of the D.F.C.

Date. 18.12.43

Signature of Commanding Officer W.N. McKechare
Rank. G/Cpt.

[underlined] Remarks by Air or Other Officer Commanding: [/underlined]
Recommended for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Date. 1/1/44.

Air Vice Marshall, Commanding,
[underlined] No. 5 Group, R.A.F. [/underlined]

[page break]


[a] [underlined] Date [/underlined] [b] [underlined] Time [/underlined] [c] [underlined] Task [/underlined] [d] [underlined] Remarks [/underlined]

[a] 20.5.43 [b] 7.30 [c] [indecipherable word] – Rouen [d] Successful
[a] 21.6.43 [b] 4.55 [c] Bombing – Krefeld [d] Flew as second pilot
[a] 24.6.43 [b] 5.35 [c] Bombing – Wuppertal [d] First trip as Captain, photogra[missing letters] fires and smoke
[a] 28.6.43 [b] 5.15 [c] Bombing – Cologne [d] Successful
[a] 3.7.43 [b] 5.40 [c] Bombing – Cologne [d] Successful
[a] 12.7.43 [b] 11.20 [c] Bombing – Turin [d] Aircraft severely damaged, retur[missing letters] on three engines.
[a] 7.8.43 [b] 8.40 [c] Bombing – Milan [d] Photograph 1.1/2 miles from aiming point.
[a] 10.8.43 [b] 8.00 [c] Bombing – Nuremburg [d] Attacked by fighter, shot it down
[a] 15.8.43 [b] 8.05 [c] Bombing – Milan [d] Photograph aiming POINT.
[a] 22.8.43 [b] 5.25 [c] Bombing – [indecipherable word] [d] Successful
[a] 27.8.43 [b] 7.35 [c] Bombing – Nuremberg [d] Photograph of built up area.
[a] 30.8.43 [b] 5.00 [c] Bombing – Munchen Gladbach [d] Successful
[a] 3.9.43 [b] 5.15 [c] Bombing – Berlin [d] Successful
[a] 27.9.43 [b] 5.35 [c] Bombing – Hanover [d] Successful
[a] 29.9.43 [b] 4.45 [c] Bombing - Bochum [d] Photograph of fires.
[a] 20.10.43 [b] 7.05 [c] Bombing – [indecipherable word] [d] Most of trip on three engines and part of time on two.
[a] 22.10.43 [b] 5.55 [c] Bombing – [indecipherable word] [d] Successful
[a] 5.11.43 [b] 4.25 [c] Bombing – Dusseldorf [d] Photograph of AIMING POINT.
[a] 10.11.43 [b] 8.15 [c] Bombing – [indecipherable word] [d] Photograph of AIMING POINT.
[a] 18.11.43 [b] 8.10 [c] Bombing - Berlin [d] Successful

Total Operational Sorties 20
Total Operational Flying Time 140.45



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