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The three are standing outside Reg and Ella's house in Coventry


Seven photographs on a page.
#1, 2 and 6 are the funeral at Newark.
#1 is annotated 'Funeral at Newark (Ella & Reg 2nd and 3rd from right)'.
#3 is Józef and Ella standing in the back garden of 12 Browning Road Coventry and is annotated.
#4 is…

He writes that he is a prisoner and has been trying to escape. He reached Bucharest after escaping then sailed to France, first Marseilles then Lyon. He joined the Air Force but sailed to England when France capitulated. He has had a reply from…


Lieutenant Nora Muriel 'Peggy' King's release certificate.

The discharge volunteers identity book belonging to Peggy. Provides personal details and notes that she is entitled to 'demobilisation privileges'.

A biography of Reg by his son. He started the war as a 17 year old ambulance driver in Coventry. Later, in the RAF, his Halifax was shot down and he spent the rest of his war as a prisoner of war. He was married for 64 years. His father was an…

Top left - view across river of a multi-story building. Captioned 'Memorial Theatre reflected in the Avon, Stratford - on - Avon [sic], Oct 43'.
Top right - view of buildings across river. Captioned 'The Avon from the Memorial Theatre Oct…

Four items from Allan's time as a prisoner of war.
#1 is a 10 Reichspfenning note used in the POW camps.
#2 is a Coventry badge with an elephant.
#3 is a metal plate
#4 is a metal badge with a leather strap. It is stamped with Stalag 4B
The four…

The telegram advises that Allan has arrived in England.

A telegram advising that Allan is a prisoner of war and is unwounded.

A telegram advising Allan Smith's father that he is missing.

Disparages Field Marshal Milch’s statement from 19th May 1941 by referring to the superior strength of the RAF, the plane-building capacity of the United States and Canada, and war production of United Nations. Göring and Hitler still in power…

John Smith grew up near Corby, surrounded by aerodromes, so was used to the sight of aircraft. He observed Lancaster aircraft practising for the Dambusters raid over Eye Brook Reservoir. He also witnessed glider practice and was impressed by the…

Describes German air force attack on the city on 14 November 1940 giving detail of civilian damage and casualties. Compares it with bombing of Genoa and Turin which it claims as military. Includes photographs of damage to Coventry.

States that the crew flew operationally on no fewer than six Lancaster aircraft. Mentions operations along with aircraft flown on them and some of aircraft's subsequent history and where they were built.

Margaret was almost 12 years old and living in Romford, Essex at the outbreak of World War Two. She remembers the announcement being made by Neville Chamberlain on the radio on 3 September 1939. Margaret recalls being issued with a gas mask, and how…

A brief obituary of Peter. During the war he was awarded a DFC for bravery. He was proud of his wartime record and for a time was president of his local British Legion.

A biography of Alan Green with personal photographs and headlines. It covers his training in Canada and UK. First squadron was 218 at Marham flying Wellingtons as a navigator, then Stirlings. He flew 22 operations and was shot down by friendly fire.…

The Wing Commander is delighted to hear that Alan is alive. He asks to borrow Alan's letter and congratulates him on his son's escape (from the aircraft).

Basil writes he has been promoted to Major and wishes him belated happy birthday.

Alan writes with his new address.
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