The Last Flight and The Confirmation



The Last Flight and The Confirmation


Two poems about loss, love and hopefulness.

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The Last Flight
Did He feel the touch of fate
upon his shoulder, light as breath –
on that night when he went to
[indecipherable] a rendezvous with death?
As He rose into the darkness,
did He feel in brain [symbol] bone –
He was going on a journey
out [deleted] in [/deleted] to the great unknown?
Did He have a strange foreboding
that He would not see again –
the England that He loved so well
the rolling road the winding lane? He cannot tell But this we know
of that nights work he did his share Brave deeds were done [symbol]
a battle fought, [symbol] He was there.
Yes He was there.
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The Confirmation
He is not dead. He could not die so young he was [symbol] gay.
So gallant [symbol] so brave a soul could never pass away…
[symbol] though I cannot see his face
I know He walks with me – in the happy freedom of his immortality.
Though the dark [symbol] lonely mages of my secret grief – He has led to by the hand [symbol] I have found relief – in the strange unravelling of death’s [indecipherable] mystery: the confirmation of my faith in love’s supremacy.


“The Last Flight and The Confirmation,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 24, 2024,

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