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Women’s Auxiliary Air Force dog tags issued to 893293 Mary Ward tied with ribbon.

A programme for the revue 'Let's Go Mad' presented by The Station Revue Company at RAF Boscombe Down.

Also included are a pass out and an invitation to a dance at RAF Stradishall.

Photograph 1 is of a photographer taking a portrait of a French airman. Behind is the photographic lorry and awnings. Captioned 'Photographic tent.'

Photograph 2 is of Reginald George Cavalier painting a partially-clad woman on the canvas of a…

14 Women’s Auxiliary Air Force personnel at Morecambe with a road and a row of buildings visible in the background. They are arranged in two rows, with the first row seated on a park bench, the second standing behind the first. There is a corporal…

A group of 15 Women's Auxiliary Air Force women of different ranks and a Sergeant airman arranged in two rows. The front row is seated on deckchairs and the second row is standing. Kathleen Croft is front row, third from the right. Behind are bushes…

A group of 18 arranged in two rows. Many have tankards of beer. Behind are three dummies in uniform.

16 Women Auxiliary Air Force airwomen in two rows wearing tunics and peaked caps. Front row of six sitting the others standing.

A group of 13 airmen and five members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, all wearing battledress, in three rows in front of a Royal Air Force lorry. Three leading aircraftswomen are sitting in front. There is one woman in the centre row and in the…

Margaret Cuthill's account of her time in the WAAF. At the age of 17 she volunteered for the WAAF and was enrolled as a teleprinter operator. She was sent to Wilmslow for training. After four weeks of drill and physical exercise she was posted to…

29 airwomen arranged in three rows. Margaret is seated, fourth from right. Behind is a prefabricated building with 'WIN' painted at a door.

23 individuals, mix of small number of aircrew and officers, with ground personnel of airmen and one woman. Posed in two rows, front row seated, in front of building with 35 Squadron badge signed as "Squadron HQs".

49 members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, wearing tunics and peaked caps, in three rows. In the centre of the front row two officers, all others are non-commissioned. In the background a wooden hut with two windows.

A group of 52 airmen, includes four officers, one gym instructor and an airwoman. They are arranged in four rows outside a large building.

A large group of airmen arranged in three rows in front of two Mosquitos.

A large group of airman standing and sitting in rows in front of the port wing of a Halifax. There is a single Women's Auxiliary Air Force member sitting in the middle of the front row. There is one officer with peaked cap sitting behind and slightly…

A women wearing tunic standing in a garden in front of a house window. On the reverse 'With all my love to my faithful pal Charles'.

Half length portrait of an airwoman wearing tunic, leaning on a chair back. On the reverse 'M31 Clark'.

A poem sent to Betty Turner's friend Billy to celebrate their 80th. Betty describes the wartime hardships she endured, hint at the bereavement after the loss of the men she loved, stresses the sense of duty toward her country, friendship and…

Terry Ford's wartime experiences written and read to Avon Talking Magazine for the Blind.

Portrait of WAAF in uniform, head and shoulders, photographer Harold Moyse, Muswell Hill.

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a target photograph of Emmerich. The river is visible but no ground detail.
Photo 2 and 3 are Terry and Eddy at the controls on the way home from the Emmerich raid.
Photo 4 is six airmen and a WAAF…

An airman and two airwomen seated on steps outside a brick building. Two have newspapers on their laps and a cup and saucer is beside one woman.

Over 50 airmen and Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel in four rows (front row seated). On the reverse 'HT Ansell Front 3 from left'.

A group of airmen and air women in uniform with some civilian women at a party in a Nissen hut. On the reverse 'April 12th Thorlthorpe'.
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