'While the Sun Shines'



'While the Sun Shines'


A newspaper cutting about a play put on by The Stage Club at the Victoria theatre, Singapore. On the reverse are adverts.

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[Italics]Allan Mary Hailstone who is taking the part of the Earl’s W.A.A.F. fiancee in the Stage Club’s presentation of “While the Sun Shines” which opens to-morrow at the Victoria Theatre, Singapore, and which will run for four nights. [/Italics]

[Italics] “While the Sun Shines” [/italics]
For its third and last play of their Drama Festival at the Victoria Theatre, the Stage Club have chosen Terence Rattigan’s sparkling wartime comedy, “While the Sun Shines.”

In the role of the young earl in John Jarvis, who since his first appearance for the Stage Club in “French Without Tears,” has attracted unreserved praise from press and public alike for the excellence of his performance. Before joining the R.A.F., his last appearance on the professional stage was at the Vaudeville and Cambridge Theatres, London, when he appeared with Ann Todd, Sybil Thorndike and Renee Asherson in “Lottie Dundas.” In addition to work with the Kew Repertory Theatre and others, he has done a good bit of broadcasting and has also appeared in British Films, including “Under Cover” with John Clements and Michael Wilding, “Natasha” with Googie Withers and “The Fifth Freedom” in which he played opposite Sheila Sim.

The American Lieutenant will be played by Phil Miller, who has recently retired from the U.S. Army. Other newcomers to Stage Club productions are playing the female characters. Allan Hailstone, as the earl’s fiancee, has not appeared before on the Singapore stage, but has had considerable acting experience in England. Her husband, Lieuten-

John Jarvis who will play the Earl in “While the Sun Shines”.

ant P. Hailstone of the Royal Engineers is stage managing the production. Monica Gibson, a member of the A.T.S. has taken on the character part of “Mabel Crum” at very short notice.

The two remaining comedy characters are in the sure hands of Stage Club stalwarts W. Hynd Arthur and Francis Gilpin, while James Belchamber, who was a student of the R.A.D.A. when the Army called on his services, is producing the play.

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