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The photograph on the left page shows a Bolingbroke.
The photograph on the right page shows a Fairey Battle with the numbers "9" and "1792" visible on the side of the aircraft.

The two photographs on the left page show two men in military uniform standing in front of a hedge. They have training flashes on their caps.
The photograph on the top left of the right page shows trees and a house with ivy growing up the walls.…

Personnel in the cockpit and in front of four Battles. Annotated on the reverse 'A 142 December 1938 L4937'.

13 airmen in two rows in front of a Fairey Battle. Each man is named on the front. On the reverse each man has signed his name and 'A/C Fairey Battle Course 45A Observers No 9 Bombing and Gunnery School Mont-Joli PQ July 1942 Back Row RCAF Front RAF…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is an air-to-air view of a Battle, starboard side, in flight.
#2 is a steam locomotive passing a water crane.
#3 is a Canadian street scene.
#4 is a 2nd Avenue, Rivers, Manitoba, looking east.


Three photographs from an album.
#1 is a bridge over a stream.
#2 is a river and trees.
#3 is a group of thirteen trainees in two rows in front of a Battle aircraft. The image is annotated 'Course 45 [indecipherable]' and each man is identified.…

Two photographs from an album.
#1 is a starboard view of a Battle in flight.
#2 is a port view of a York on the ground.

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13 men arranged in two rows in front of a Battle aircraft.

A short history of 106 Squadron. Covers formation in world war one. Reformed in 1938 with Hinds and Battles. Equipped with Hampden at beginning of the war. Initially a advanced training unit. Became operational in September 1940. Describes early…

List of Battle, Magister and Wellington aircraft registrations.

Contains British, American, German and Italian aircraft silhouettes.

An air-to-air image of a Fairey Battle. On the reverse 'Fairey Battle 88 Sqdn 1938 Boscombe Down'.

Top left - air-to-air view of a formation of four Wellingtons in echelon over open countryside. Captioned 'Wimpy'.
Top right - air-to-air view from front looking down on airborne Handley Page Harrow. Captioned 'Harrow'.
Bottom left - air-to-air…

Three airmen wearing battledress with air gunner brevet and side caps standing in line with a Battle aircraft in the background.

Twenty-one airmen wearing battledress with half brevet and side caps squatting and standing in three rows inside a hangar with two Battle aircraft in the background.

Lists training details. Aircraft Anson and Battle in Australia. Advanced training in United Kingdom on Anson, Wellington and Halifax at West Freugh, Lichfield and Richall. Operational flying on Halifax 466 Squadron at RAF Driffield and 466 Squadron…

Aircraft flown Battle, Anson, Wellington, Halifax. Navigator. Medical examination at RAF Waddington. address in Australia, next of kin. List of postings to units.

Gives personal details, navigator and list posting units and dates. Shows aircraft flown as Battle, Anson, Wellington and Halifax.

An airman wearing tunic and side cap standing on wing by cockpit of a crashed Battle resting in a field with no undercarriage and bent propeller. Submitted with description 'P/O Peter Ward-Hunt standing on starboard wing of crashed Battle'.

Air-to-air photograph of a Battle aircraft. Captioned 'Battle 1 (K7639) of No 106 Squadron (M.o.D. Photo.)'. Submitted with description 'M.o.D photo entitled "Battle I (K7639) of 106 Squadron"'.
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