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Leslie Curtis describes how, when flying from Gibraltar to Malta, his Wellington (Z8773) experienced engine failure and he was forced to ditch in the Mediterranean Sea. The sole survivor, Leslie was picked up after four days by the destroyer, HMS…

'Jock' Guyan comments on his operations. the recording includes audio clips from a documentary including excerpts of Arthur Harris, engine noises and interviews.
He sings several songs including 'Ops on a Stirling' to the tune of Waltzing Matilda,…

Six medals awarded to Robert -
The 1939 to 1945 Star
Air Crew Europe Star
Defence Medal
War Medal
Bomber Command Medal
National Service Medal

A framed document awarding Robert the rank of Warrant Officer.

Contains personnel details and notes service between 19 July 1943 and 4 June 1947.

Contains details of Private Doreen Dayman date stamped 2 August 1945 and includes testimonial.

Made out for Clifford Dayman and contains record of qualification and courses. Includes b/w photograph head and shoulders portrait.

A blue folder to contain logbook. Titled 'Navigator's logbook. Has a list of radio beacons in middle east on inside cover and handwritten name 'F/O Coates'. Other pages contain conversion scales and tables.

Flying log book for navigator’s, air bomber’s, air gunners, flight engineers for C Dayman, wireless operator, covering the period from 11 February 1944 to 16 May 1947. Detailing his flying training, post war flying with 216 squadron and Aden…

A group of trainee airmen arranged in six rows. Captioned at the top ' "D" Squadron No.2 Air Crew Wing RAF Yatesbury' and at the bottom with each airman's name. On the reverse is the photographer's name 'Vivian of Hereford'.

Two airmen standing in front of two Nissen huts. On the reverse 'Russ'.

Four airmen standing in front of two Nissen huts. On the reverse 'Russ'.

An airman sitting on a bicycle and leaning on a Nissen hut.

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation at Ulm. Most of the image is obscured by cloud or explosions. It is annotated '4710 EWS 17/18.12.44//NT 7" 12500 118° 1932½ ULM C 1HC 4000IN 15X4 23SEC F/O MORGAN C 103'.

A vertical aerial photograph taken over Bochum. No detail is visible due to light flashes.
It is annotated '4565 EWS 4/5.11.44// NT(8") 16500 145° 1944 BOCHUM A/P.A.C. 1HC 4000 [indecipherable] 29 SECS F/O MORGAN O 103'

Aerial photograph of a newly constructed facility with rail tracks leading into at least two tunnels.
It is annotated '711 812 6000 5" 11-6-44'

A pilot looking out of a Lancaster cockpit window. The photograph has been taken from the port wing looking forward.

Three airmen standing in a camp. On the reverse '1/2/46 Self, Alec & Mac at Merv Camp Cairo Egypt'.


A vertical aerial photograph taken over fields. A road meanders from left to right.
It is annotated '2211 812. 6000 5" 11-6-44'

A half-length portrait of Ivor Cole

The damaged turret of Lancaster PM-C covered with a tarpaulin.

An airman leaning on the rear turret of a Lancaster.

Ivor (arrowed) and his crew under their Lancaster. On the reverse 'Our crew Lancaster "C" Charlie 103 Squadron Elsham Wolds Lincs 1944'.

A half length portrait of Ivor wearing a training flash in his cap. On the reverse 'To Grandma with best wishes Ivor xxxx'.

A half length portrait of Ivor wearing a training flash.
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