EASCO life jacket light



EASCO life jacket light


An emergency red light, designed to be attached to a life jacket to allow the wearer to be located at night. The light assembly appears to be complete and has signs of wear to the black painted components.

One image shows the item fully assembled. It comprises a battery container, a cable connecting the battery to the lamp, a lamp with a red cover and a clip for attaching the lamp to a life jacket. The cable has a single pin plug which can be pushed into the receptacle on the battery container to complete the circuit and illuminate the lamp.
A second image shows the battery container separated into it's two parts. On the bottom of the container is embossed: 'LIFE JACKET LIGHT' 'PAT NO 540862' and the manufacturer's logo.
A third image also shows the battery container separated into it's two parts. Inside the upper part can be seen the positive contact for the battery and in the lower part, the spring for the base of the battery.
The last image shows the light with its red cover removed.




Battery operated light for a life jacket


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