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A newspaper cutting referring to operations to Dusseldorf and Osnabruck plus an attack by the USAAF on oil production plants. It is annotated 'Lincolnshire Echo no 5 2-11-44 5hrs 5 mins 850 a/c plus PFF'.

A newspaper cutting referring to operations to Cologne, Walcheren, Hamm and Munster. It is annotated 'Sunday Graphic No 2 28-10-44 5¼ hrs 837 a/c plus PFF'.

Memorandum items addresses of friends and acquaintances, mentions many days/evenings out and what sort of time he had in Belfast, Lincoln, Gainsborough and many others. Mentions various journeys and postings, lists birthdays. Jots down daily…

Navigational computation and a chart for an operation to Homberg Synthetic Oil plant.

Target photograph of Dusseldorf with much of the detail over exposed. Captioned 'Captioned ' 60 6 B 3198 WKY. 2/3.11.44 // NT C'. 8" 18500' [arrow] 110° 19.14 Dusseldorf 4GP 500 OT. 1 HC 4000 1N.1MC10000T.3ANM650T. 2ANM590T.2MC 500 DT. 29 sec F/L…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 2/3 November 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined and ticked. Two crews are indicated as having second pilots. Includes four standby crews as well as duty personnel.

Indicates two bomb loads for operation. Includes preselection settings, times, window and briefing times as well as other notes. On the reverse aiming point marking and bombing instructions. At the bottom weight calculations.

Target photograph of Dusseldorf. Totally obscured by smoke, dust and light streaks. Captioned '3degrees]F', '7B', '3488 SKELL.2/3.11.44//NT.8"20500' 143° 1918 DUSSELDORF.Q. 1HC4000IN.14CP14.30secs.F/O BEER.S.50.' On the reverse '[underlined] F/O…

Derrick Allen was the mid-upper gunner on a Lancaster that crashed near Spa in Belgium. He had been making his way to bale out when the pilot asked him to help the rear gunner who was trapped in his turret. He managed to do this but the plane broke…

At the top a postagram congratulating Derrick Allen on his award of Conspicuous Gallantry Medal signed A T Harris. Six newspaper cuttings giving various accounts of actions in releasing rear gunner from jammed turret while Lancaster dives out of…

Account of night 2 November 1944. Sergeant Allen's Lancaster was attacked by night fighter after successful attack on Dusseldorf. Allen opened fire twice and damaged fighter but the Lancaster was badly damaged. Whilst Lancaster was in uncontrolled…

On the left a newspaper cutting with an account of how Derrick Allen freed the rear gunner from his jammed turret while his Lancaster was going down. On the right top and bottom, congratulatory wedding telegrams wishing future happiness. Between the…

Derrick Allen's account of being shot down 2/3 November 1944. After a successful attack on Dusseldorf, the Lancaster was severely damaged by a night fighter. Goes on to describe battle with FW 190 and and order to abandon aircraft. Before bailing…

A pile of aircraft wreckage at the edge of a woods. Behind a field and a road with a vehicle. In the background wooded hills. On the reverse 'Burnt out wreckage at crash site 1944'.

Aircraft wreckage in the edge of a woods. Behind is a field and a road with a vehicle. In the background wooded hills. On the reverse '2-11-44, Lancaster B DV396, Ops Dusseldorf crash site at La Reid, Belgium'.

A pile of aircraft wreckage in the middle of a field. The left a notice on a pole. In the background a hedge and forest. On the reverse 'F. Bourotte - Spa, Vieux-Pré, Photo 2', No 273'.

Part of the fuselage of an aircraft with roundel visible and unidentified letter annotated '8 or B or g'. On the reverse 'F Bourotte -Spa, Vieus-Pré?, Photo 3'.

Aircraft wreckage in the edge of a wood. behind the wreckage a field and road with a vehicle. Captioned 'on the road a US GMC'. In the background wooded hills. On the reverse 'F. Bourotte- Spa, Vieux-Pré, Photo:1'.

Part of the fuselage of a Lancaster lying in a field. On the reverse '2-11-44, Lancaster B DV396, Operation Dusseldorf, crash site at La Reid, Belgium'.

In both photographs a pile of aircraft wreckage lying in the middle of an open field. To its left a notice on a pole. In the background a forest. On the reverse of the first photograph '2-11-44 Lancaster B DV396, Ops Dusseldorf crash site at La Reid,…

Four story building with tables chairs and plants outside. First and second floor normal windows and dormer windows on the top floor. Two people are seated at tables and one man is standing by the door. On the reverse the address in Spa Belgium and…

Postcard with two photographs. The first captioned 'L'ARDENNE' show the front side of a stone memorial with a plaque to heroes of the RAF who fell 2 November 1944. In the background a three bar wooden fence, pasture and wooded hill. The second…

Recounts that Derrick Allen contacted a M Rudi Simon who lived in Tongess, Belgium through the Association of Veterans. M Simon was researching aircraft brought down in the local area. Derrick Allen had stated that he would like to visit the where…

1:20,000 map of the area to the west of Spa, Belgium showing possible track of aircraft to crash site with parachutes indicating where each crew member bailed out and the location of bodies of crew who did not survive. Annotated with arrow to…

1:20,000 map showing the area to the west of Spa, Belgium with the possible track of Derrick Allen's Lancaster to the crash site near Vieux Pre marked in red. It is annotated with an arrow to Dusseldorf at the top and with figures 1 to 5. Captioned…
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