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Two vertical aerial photographs from an album.
Photograph one, Frankfurt at night, is indecipherable. Captioned 'a brilliant spectacle of searchlights, flak sparks and puffs, glowing incendiaries and target indicators'.
Photograph two is taken…

A vertical aerial photograph of Calais. The canal, Canal des Pierrettes, is visible and runs left to right, parallel to Rue Hoche and a marshalling yard. The yard services Les Fontinettes train station. Annotated '1810 MEP 27.9.44// 8” 5,500…

Vertical aerial photograph of Calais during a bombing operation, September 1944. It is captioned 'Our 7th Operation, Calais 27 September 1944. Enemy troops in a fortified railway cutting. This was an 'aiming point' photo & a C in C's enlargement of…

Vertical aerial photograph of Calais. Craters and bomb explosions are visible but no detail apart from a road junction and the coastline. 'Captioned '6262 BIN 27-9-44 //8 4000' [arrow] 142° 0912 Calais w. 13x1000. 4x500 c.19 secs. F/O Lester N 460'.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 27/28 September 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined. Includes reserve crew and duty personnel.

Shows three bomb loads for five, seven and five aircraft respectively. Details distributor and preselection settings, Window, bombing heights, weights and other details. On the reverse a table showing aircraft number, height, heading and delay

List crews and aircraft for operations on night 26/27 September 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlined in green. Standby crew has aircraft 'T' annotated alongside. Includes duty personnel. On the reverse extensive handwritten bombing and…

Target photograph of Kaiserslautern. Little detail visible, appears urban area, structures are visible. Captioned '5°F', '8B', '3036 SKELL.27/28.9.44.//NT.8" 4250 [arrow] 096° 0110 KAISERSLAUTERN 'A'.W.27X4.15secs.F/O AMEY.W.50.'. On the reverse…

Target photograph of Karlsruhe. No detail visible, totally obscured by smoke/haze, small patch of light streaks. Captioned '8B', '2980 SKELL.26/27.9.44//NT.8" 11500 [arrow] 120° 0402 KARLSRUHE RD.M. 27X4.23secs. F/O MOUNTAIN. M.50.' On the reverse…
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