Lincoln Cathedral and Two Target Photos



Lincoln Cathedral and Two Target Photos


Three photos from an album.
Photo 1 is a low level oblique aerial photo of Lincoln Cathedral, captioned 'Photo of Lincoln Minster taken from rear turret'.
Photo 2 is a vertical aerial photograph of Royan during a bombing operation. The coastline is visible. It is annotated '4170 SKELL.4/5.1.45//NT (C) 8" 7100 211° 0404 Royan.H 1 HC4000 (M) IN, 4GP500 DT, 12MC500DT. 23 secs. F/L. Boon H.61.'
Photo 3 is a vertical aerial photograph of Kaiserslautern. No detail is visible and much of the image has been obscured by a bright light. It is annotated '3069 SKELL. 27/28.9.44.//NT (C) 8" 5300 <-- 110°0112 Kaiserslautern 'A'.A 27x4. C15secs. F/O Boon.A.61'.
The two photo are captioned 'Two photographs taken over target area with aid of photo flash'.




Three b/w photographs on an album page


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