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Les Rutherford was called up for the Army just short of his twenty first birthday. He was in France at the time of Dunkirk and made it to the beach of St Valery where they were under constant bombardment. He and another soldier found a door and…

Calculations used for an operation to Stettin.

G A Hubbard’s Flying Log Book as Air Gunner and Wireless Operator from 2 October 1941 until 17 June 1946. Initial training at No. 2 Wireless School, RCAF Calgary and No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School, RCAF Dafoe. Further training at 24 Operational…

Contains details of the nine operations Philip flew to Stettin, Hanau, Maresburg, Cologne, Bremen, Magdeburg, Wesserling-Klon, the railyard in Berlin and the Leuna oil refinery. Includes descriptions of targets, weather conditions, defences…

Left page.
Left: a man wearing white in front of the Nowe Lazienki mineralne (New mineral baths), Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. Captioned 'Krynica 1937'.
Right: a man an two woman, all in white standing in a city street.
Right page.
Left: a man and a…

Left page.
Left: a man walking down walking along Bulwary Dietla, Krynica- Zdroj, Poland with houses on right.
Right: a man and woman standing by the railing of a footbridge.
Right page.
Left: a man wearing shorts and shirt sitting on the lap…

Left page.
Left: two people riding in a carriage with driver on left. Town and hills in the background. Captioned Pamiatka Z Krynicy'.
Right: two men and two women looking down from balcony of Sienkiewiczówka, 19 Jarostawa Dabrowskiego,…

Left page.
Left: two men and two women standing behind a wooden gate in front of Sienkiewiczówka, 19 Jarostawa Dabrowskiego, Krynica-Zdrój, Poland
Right: three people walking down a street. Captioned Pamiatka Kaynicy'.
Right page.
Left: a man…

Right page.
Left: two people standing in front of the Adam Mickiewicz Monument (Pomnik Adama Mickiewicza) Krynica-Zdrój, Poland. In the background a city building.
Right: two people walking down a tree lined street.

Writes he does not know when he will see her as he was going away for a long time. Thanks her for everything. On the reverse b/w photograph of a multi-story building hilly in forest landscape. Captioned 'Modern Polish Architecture Zegiestow…

LH page target photograph caption ' 4231. EWS. 29/30.8.44//nr?8" 12000 230(degrees) 0200 Stettin U 1 X 4000 7 X 4 6 X 30 28secs F/L Josey U 103'. Handwritten caption 'Taken right at the start of a night attack on Baltic port of STETTIN.
TIs can…

Pages of recognition handbook of British aircraft tabbed national markings Europe with aircraft markings for British (service, civilian and India/Pacific), Eire, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France(friendly and Vichy), Germany, Greece,…

He writes from prisoner of war camp. He has had influenza but is better. He has received his first parcel and is very pleased with it. One sentence has been censored. He expects Christmas to be a bit different.

A plan of the layout of all the sections of the camp.

A scale plan of the POW camp, Stalag VIIIB
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