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The photograph on the left of the left page shows Florida State Capitol Building.
The photograph on the top right of the left page shows a house with a porch.
The photograph on the bottom right of the left page shows the Administration Building…

An oblique aerial photograph of the west end of the Venetian Causeway Bridge. The docks were known as the Steamship docks but have now been filled in.

Two oblique aerial photographs of the beach looking north.

An oblique aerial photograph of downtown Miami.

An oblique aerial photograph of Miami South Beach.

Three colour postcards.
#1 a Halifax of 35 Squadron, in flight.
#2 Albany, Georgia - Pecan trees and a hunter with aircraft above.
#3 Lakeland, Florida. Orange trees, fishing and houses.

Reg in leather flying jacket holding his flying equipment.

A naval officer with a full beard and Reg Wilson outside a building.

A card issued to Reg by his flying school.

Reg advises that he has completed primary training and has been on leave at West Palm Beach.

Reg lying on the grass on his arms, pointing at the camera. Information supplied with the collection states 'Florida, February 1942'.

He is on leave at West Palm Beach, Florida with a colleague. The image is a drawing of a hotel and its patio.

Gives personal details, dates of service as airman and recommended for commission 26/7/43. Lists postings for training and to 9 Squadron. Mustered as pilot, then observer and navigator.

Writes that his course is getting harder but he was keeping up. Says a little about flying and replies to and actions requests in their letters he recently received. Continues catching up with family gossip and news. Speculates about farming in the…

Hopes the photographs he sent arrived alright and describes where some were taken including those of squadron doing drill. Catches up with family news and gossip. Mentions good food, no air raids in the United States unlike at home. Writes a little…

Writes about recent poor weather, that flying had suffered and no one had gone solo. Hopes better weather coming so he should either go solo or be eliminated from pilot training. Comments on life, facilities, training, discipline and activities.…

Writes that he had returned to Moncton after being eliminated from pilot training and that after being boarded at Trenton Ontario, he re-mustered as an observer. Goes back to describe his activities while at Moncton including local sightseeing,…

Catches up with family news, birthdays and other news. Mentions he had now moved to Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida. Describes living conditions and provides sketch map of camp. Comments on food, weather, and that they had not yet flown, Writes…

Writes of life at Turner Field, Georgia, including food, putting on weight, weather, pay, the hospitality and American people, local churches, American cars and on base activities. Continues with description of visits to local town. Expecting to be…

Starts with account of movements in RAF for 1941. Continues lwith entries for daily activities. Embarks Greenock, Leaves Milford Haven on 8 January for voyage across Atlantic and describes voyage to Canada. Arrives Moncton 20 January describes daily…
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