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Audrey left school at 14 and began work as a clerical assistant for a tailoring firm in Leeds, then moving into furniture sales.
Audrey was 23 when the war started and was conscripted on 15 December 1942 electing to join the Women's Auxiliary Air…

A photograph of two Wellingtons, W-OJ and N-OJ
Below the photograph is a caption in Urdu.
On the reverse of the photograph is typewritten:
'Heavy long-distance "Wellington" bombers.'
A second caption, 'Engine room aboard a British submarine.' is…

1. A Mess bar, with low tables, chairs and a long wooden bar.
2. Four airmen in uniform, posing together. Behind them stands a hangar, a water tower and some low buildings.
3. Some low buildings on a military base. There are some small trees and a…

1. The Castel Sant'Angelo and Pont Sant'Angelo, seen from Ponte Vittorio Emanuale II.
2. The Vittoriano Monument, seen from the Piazza Venezia.
3. An interior view of St Peter's Basilica, showing the Chair of St Peter.
4. Five women washing…

Photographs taken around Pompeii and Naples.
1. A view of the ancient amphitheatre at Pompeii. Some people can be seen standing and walking in the arena.
2. A view of Vesuvius from the bay of Naples.
3. A view of the South East corner of the…

1. An area of garden, mostly tress.
2. A view over apartments and trees to Vesuvius.
3. Piazza Tasso, Sorrento.
4. A view of a garden, taken from the upper floor of a building.

1. Street with an end view of a tram. On the right is a high garden wall and beyond the tram is a residential building.
2. A view looking north from Sorento towards Sant'Agnello and Meta. In the lower left is Sorento's Marina Grande. In the trees,…

1. A view looking east, over buildings and roof tops, towards Mount Vesuvius.
2. The War Memorial in Taranto.
3. An airman in uniform, with a pipe in his mouth, posing on a terrace against a metal railing. The view behind is Mount Vesuvius.
4. Two…


1. Two young men, standing in the sea.
2. A young man, wearing shorts and boots, sitting in the sun. Behind him is some material suspended on posts, like a windbreak. Some towels are hanging above this and at the left edge of the photograph there is…

1. An airman appears to be digging in a field. Behind him are several tents.
2. Two young men digging in a field. One is swinging a pick axe while the other is holding a spade. A tent is visible behind them.
3. A young man sitting in the sun in…

Three photographs of JH Bird and his crew.
1. A Flight Sergeant airman wearing uniform and a Mae West life jacket. He is standing beside the rear turret of a Wellington aircraft. The photograph is captioned: 'JOE REAR GUNNER'
2. JH Bird sitting in…

First is a target photograph taken during an operation to Verona. In the lower left corner is the Adige River with the Ponte Pietra crossing it. The large building to the left of the river bend is the Castel San Pietro. The ancient city wall, with…

Sergeant Bird's crew award for the best photographs for August 1944. The artwork comprises a drawing of a Wellington with Bird and his crew, Boulton, Bentley, Dean and Beckett named below, set against a circular ribbon with the words: 'THE BEST…

Five men posing in front of a Wellington aircraft. At least four are in uniform and one, in the centre, is wearing a shirt. The man on the left is a Flying Officer and pilot, at the rear, right is an aircrew member and on the front right is a Flight…

Handwritten descriptions of two operations. One to lay mines in the River Danube, near Gyor in Hungary and the other to bomb Kalamaki Aerodrome near Athens in Greece.

A target photograph for an operation to Salonika (Thessaloniki). Thessaloniki Bay occupies the lower half of the image and the upper right corner is obscured by light traces. The coastline and dock area are visible. There appears to be a ship in the…

Descriptions of three operations.
1. describes an operation to Tatoi Aerodrome near Dekeleia, Greece.
2. describes an operation to the marshalling yards at Brescia, Italy.
3. describes an operation to the marshalling yards at Szekesfehervac in…

A target photograph taken during an operation to Tatoi Aerodrome, near Athens, Greece. The lower half of the image is obscured by light but hangars and buildings can be seen at the top. The photograph is annotated 'A4' in the top left corner and is…

Handwritten summaries of three separate operations to the River Danube, east of Novi Sad; to Bologna Marshalling Yards and to Milan Lambrate Marshalling Yards.

A target photograph taken during an operation to the marshalling yards in Ferrara with supporting handwritten information. In the photograph smoke and glare obscures the marshalling yards in the left part of the image. Below there are numerous bomb…

On the left page is a handwritten summary of an operation to the marshalling yards in Bologna, Italy.
On the righthand page is a target photograph taken on that operation. The central part is obscured by smoke and light but around this some roads…

A target photograph taken during an operation to Pesaro, Italy. The clear image is orientated with south at its upper edge. The Adriatic and the cliffs to the SE of Pesaro can be seen with the Strada Statale 16 running along the narrow beach. Inland…

A target photograph in an album, taken on an operation to Pesaro in Italy. Roads, fields and buildings are visible and in the centre, a flash of light. The photograph is annotated 'A6' and captioned: '731. FOG. 26/27 AUG. 44 // NT. 8" 9000' -→…

A target photograph taken on an operation to the Bologna Main Marshalling Yards. Fields and roads are visible in most of the image. There is an area of glare at the left edge, which obscure some ground detail. The photograph is annotated 'A4' and…
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