Bathing, camp life and Italian views



Bathing, camp life and Italian views


1. Two young men, standing in the sea.
2. A young man, wearing shorts and boots, sitting in the sun. Behind him is some material suspended on posts, like a windbreak. Some towels are hanging above this and at the left edge of the photograph there is the edge of a tent.
3. A view down a narrow lane to some houses in Sorrento. On the right, the ground rises steeply and on the left of the lane is a low wall. There is a lamppost next to the wall. Hills and vegetation are in the background.
4. View across a wide street in Sorrento. Opposite is a colonnaded area next to a hotel or restaurant. In the middle of the street is a statue on a plinth. There are pedestrians walking along and across the street.

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“Bathing, camp life and Italian views,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 15, 2024,

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