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Five 'raid assessments' carried out at RAF Spilsby. Detail of problems encountered in each operation. Final sheet is an extract from Operations Record Book by three different Lancasters.

A report on raids on Stuttgart and Donges. On the reverse is other news.

Photo 1 is a group of five ground personnel with small bomb containers under a Wellington.
Photo 2 is of four airmen at the nose of a Wellington.

On a clear, moon-lit night, an aircraft with a British roundel bombs a street causing the roofs of buildings on either side to burst into flames. Incendiaries are burning while debris is falling onto the street among small explosions. In the…

A bomb load waiting to be loaded onto Lancaster 'R'. A pilot is sitting on a 4000lb bomb. Incendiary device cannisters are on the trolley behind

One page of the operations for June 1942, records one Wellington failing to return from operation to Essen on 1/2 June. It also records two Wellingtons successfully attacking Bremen on 25/26 June, one of them was captained by Flight Lieutenant…

Oskar W's account of the events at Government Building, Untere Karlsstraße 16.

Oskar Spieß's account of the events at Jägerstraße 1.

Operational Record ledger created by Pat Falkinder (nee Day). Running log book which includes briefing, targeting, crews and methods of prosecution for various bombing operations. It includes a photographs of Pat Day in uniform and several aircrew.

A newspaper article describing an attack on Nuremberg. It is annotated 'No 9 27/8 1943'.

Article describing attacks on German war supplies, rail centres and synthetic oil plants some of which were within 100 miles of allied front line. More that 1000, United States heavy bombers involved. RAF Bomber Command Lancasters involved in…

Article describing attack on Leuna synthetic oil plant and subsequent nights operations on three other targets. This was the fourth successive night attacks by the RAF on Germany.

Photograph of airborne Lancaster releasing incendiaries with description of operation against Duisburg.

Photograph of the centre section of an airborne bomber releasing incendiaries and a 4000 lb bomb. Description underneath.

Reminisces about pre-war and early war days as a schoolboy in Lewisham. Recalls events at the beginning of the war. Includes photographs of aircraft and naval ships. Continues with history of events through the war's early years including…

Max Bartels's account of the events at Lossestraße 14 (Losse [power] plant).

Mrs Marie Sch, (née L.), and Miss Elisabeth, L's account of the events at Frankfurter Straße 2, 4, 6, 8.

Maria V's account of the events at Wilhelmstraße 2 ½

Margot K's account of the events at Ahnabreite (Warteberg), Schäfergasse nos. 7 and 9.

Margarete F's account of the events at Schäfergasse 39.
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