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Writes about how much she misses family. Goes on to catch up with family news. Concludes catching up with acquaintances.

Katharina Sch and Otto Pfromm's account of the events at Klosterstraße 6 and Wildemannsgasse 11.

Target photograph of Flushing. Crossing coast line but mainly water, bomb explosions and disturbed water visible but no clear detail. Captioned '8°F', '5B', '3394 SKELL.23.10.44//8" 4000 [arrow] 148° 1613 FLUSHING RD.D.14 X 1000.C20secs. F/O. BAIN.…

Lists six crews and aircraft for operations on 23 October 1944. Fourth member of each crew is underlines and ticked. Heights are annotated to each aircraft. At the bottom programme for night 23/24 lists two crews but no aircraft.

Shows two bomb loads for operation. Details preselection and false height settings as well as other information including Window. On the reverse a sketch map of docks with aiming points. At the bottom a weight calculation.

Lists 44 Squadron officer personnel for leave, appointments and promotions, change of address of next of kin

Target photograph of Vlissingen. No land just disturbed water. Captioned '8°F', '5B', '3378 SKELL.23.10.44//8" 4250' [arrow] 150° 1619 FLUSHING RD.U.14X1000.C20secs. F/O ENDEAN.U.50.' On the reverse '[underlined] F/O ENDEAN…
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