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  • Temporal Coverage is exactly "1942-05-09"

Mentions writing on a beautiful evening. Reminds him that she had told him of upcoming rationing of many items in England. Still waiting for response from their latest cable. Catches up with family news and mentions some of their activities. Mentions…

Writes that there has been a general absence of mail for all. Asks about acquaintance reported missing and comments on other news from home. Notes a temporary hold up in arrival of Red Cross food parcels. The previous delivery did not last long as…

Writes admonishing him for not writing and how anxious she is when he does not contract her. Comments on his tennis match and that it is no longer safe to leave daughter alone.

Pages are damaged with text missing. Writes of mail and leave. Catches up with acquaintance news. He writes that he can’t understand why people are joining up as it is a lousy life being a soldier or an airman.

Royal Air Force pilot's flying log book for Squadron Leader David Maltby covering the period from 20 August 1940 to 13 September 1943. Detailing his flying training and operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Uxbridge, RAF…
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