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Two postcards of the interior of the Palace Hotel, Heliopolis, taken from an album.

Four items from an album.
Item 1 is a photo of five men in swimming trunks at a beach bar, captioned 'Eric, Ken, Cliff and self'.
Item 2 is a photo of a man in trunks sitting on a chair, captioned 'John at boat club, Karachi'.
Item 3 is a postcard…

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for W H Shaw, wireless operator, covering the period from 26 November 1943 to 16 February 1947. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying with 37 squadron, 168…

Pilots flying log book two for George C Dunn, covering the period from 1 August 1945 to 17 June 1947. Detailing his post war flying with 1409 long range meteorological and special duties recconnaisance flight, 109 squadron, 1357 meteorological…

Article 1 headlines: Churchill-Roosevelt-talks, closest unity, General Smuts joins premier and president in news Cairo conference. Article 2 headlines; Scharnhorst sunk in arctic battle, attack by home fleet guarding Russian convoy, long fight off…

Article 1. Headlines: Paulus and 15 generals captured, 18,000 more prisoners at Stalingrad, total force surrounded known to be 330,000, Germans peril in Caucasus. Article 2. Headlines: Mr Churchill flies to Turkey, meeting with president Inönü,…

Article 1. Headlines: German troops occupy Vichy France, armistice agreement at end, Hitler's message to Pétain, defence against imminent allied attack. German forces enter unoccupied France to defend against allied attack. Article2. Headlines;…

First article headlines: 8th army on heels of fleeing enemy, prisoners expected soon to number 100000, drive ahead, Montgomery new order to his troops. Account of operations in desert against German and Italian forces. Second article mentions…

Headlines: Rommel's army in full retreat, 9000 prisoners taken, relentless attacks on disorderly columns, commander if Afrika Korps captured. 12 nights and days of attacks by allied forces, General von Stumme captured. 260 German and Italian tanks…

First article: conduct of the war, censure motion to proceed, double debate. Covers parliamentary no confidence motion and prospective debate on loss of Libya and general conduct of the war. Some believe this is ill advised and offers account of…


Five aerial photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is the three pyramids at Giza.
Photo 2 is a bay with tiers of beach cabins.
Photo 3 is a city centre with a eleven story building. In the distance is a bay and a different bay with a…

Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an aerial view of Montaza bay, Alexandria with two large houses. Behind is a wide beach.
Photo 2 is a man swimming in the sea.
Photo 3 is four men sitting at a table. Behind is a beach bar.
Photo 4 is a…

Two bills issued to Rex Searle by the Hotel-Pension "Crillon"

A membership card for the Aboukir Boat Club issued to Rex Searle.


A membership card for Rex Searle at the Tennis Club, RAF Aboukir, 1943-44


A card for the Aboukir Boat Club, Egypt with on the cover and reverse signatures of attendees. On the reverse a menu for the 17th Annual Dinner with a list of the meal and prizewinners.

The Sphinx at Giza with two pyramids behind.

A street scene in front of the el Azhar Mosque

A road bridge across the Nile. Large numbers of pedestrians are waiting on the pavement. Police on horses are doing crowd control.

A large mosque identified as The Citadel set on a low hill.

A view of a church identified as the Elizabeth Church in the list of photographs.

The railway station at Cairo at Bab el Haded Square.

The three great pyramids at Giza.

A view of rooftops, mosques and minarets.
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