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John Green was born on the 22nd of September 1921 in Penge, South East London. He registered for the Royal Air Force to prevent being called up by the Army and was drafted in 1942. He was posted to the Isle of Man, where he volunteered as a drogue…

The letter asks Fred to consider returning to the RAF.

From the director of manning regretting that James Bank's re-enlistment in the air force cannot be authorised.

Provides notes for information of candidates including age limits, nationality, education, flying experience, classes ineligible, selection and medical, period of engagement, rank, liabilities, foreign powers, discharge, training, financial, travel,…

Information for candidates including age limits, nationality, education, classes ineligible, residence in UK, serving in other branches, selection and medical, period of engagement, rank, liabilities, service with foreign power, discharge, training,…

Filled out form for Dennis Raettig with personal details, nationality, parents details, any convictions, education and employment. Followed by details of nearest elementary and reserve flying school and type of course required. Completed with two…

For entry to Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, notes for information of candidates. Covers introduction, conditions of entry and service, training, financial provision and general note. Concludes with appendix on medical examination.

AM Pamphlet 130 giving guidance on expected behaviour, Leave, NAAFI health and work.

A document requiring Malcolm Staves to enlist in the RAF on 16 February 1943.

A letter requiring Malcolm Staves to attend a medical examination in Hessle.

On completion of his medical Malcolm Staves was allocated a grade card at Grade One level.

To report to No.3 RAF Recruitment Centre Padgate.

Notice for Leslie Clodd to join for service on 19 March 1941 at No 9 Reception Centre Blackpool.

Service in the Royal Air Force (25 April 1935 to 23 January 1948), then released as Temporary Flight Sergeant. Mentioned in despatches 14 June 1945. Contains dates of enlistment and discharge as well as personnel details, trade of photographer, his…

Contains personal and service information for James Banks
who enlisted for nine years of service 25 April 1935.
Includes leave pass for 13 April 1947 to 19 April 1947.

Telegram to Desmond O’Connell from the Royal Air Force with instructions to report via a specific train at London King’s Cross.

Royal Air Force Notice Paper for Raymond Norman Percy Foster for six years service in the Royal Air Force.

Peter Hattersley's certified copy of attestation.

Letter concerning Dennis Raettig's form E.D.60 for enlistment in Royal Air Force Reserve and requesting he complete Form 1764 as soon as possible.

Leslie Clodd's certified copy of attestation.

Letter thanks Frank Hobbs for his application to join the Royal Air Force Reserve. Further regrets that due to current occupation it would not be in the national interest to accept his offer at that time.

Notice that Frank Hobbs required to join for service on 10 October 1940 at No 10 (Signals) Recruit Centre, Blackpool.

Royal Air Force form enrolling Liz Humphrey into the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

Official documents recording that Philip Batty joined the regular Royal Air Force from the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Philip Batty applied to rejoin the Royal Air Force having left after his wartime service.
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