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Terry Ford writes to his parents about his social life.

A cartoon with image of destroyed building and large stone with inscription saying: “This stone was unlaid at Dusseldorf by 50 Sqdn, followed by names of crew (F/O Calvert, P/O Sears, Sgt Gray, Sgt Branch, Sgt Austin, Sgt Cruickshank, Sgt Connor)…

Cartoon with two figures, both German officers. One is holding a candle, looking at an inscribed stone in ruined landscape. At the top in a dark sky a four engines bomber flying away in the distance. On the stone are the names of Denis Clyde-Smith's…

Single entry for one airman signed for coupons for period 11 September 1942 to 25 September 1942

The memoir covers Sergeant Officer A Yates' time as a prisoner of war from September 1942 to April 1945. He was initially imprisoned in Stalag VIIIB in Upper Silesia, he was evacuated with 30,000 others to escape the advancing Russian Army. He and a…
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