Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


No letters or cables to report and awaiting next ones from him. Discusses several cables previously sent/received that he asked about. Still no news of missing friend. Comments of weather and father's little holiday. Will stay at home as wartime travel is difficult. Catches up with family news and reports receiving her egg ration. Mentions coal deliveries and catches up on news and gossip.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[inserted] 15-10-42 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson. Lancs.
Friday Sept. 11th/42
My dear Douglas.
I have not received any news from you since the cable on Tuesday a.m. The latest letter written in the last batch of 12 was [inserted] (is) [/inserted] dated July 17th. That was a good journey as that letter arrived two weeks ago & now, as ever, I am eagerly looking for more. In one of your letters you ask about the cables sent in June. I have one dated Laghouat 31st [inserted] 31st May [/inserted] received here on June 2nd. It is the one acknowledging your birthday greetings from everybody. The next one is Laghouat June 29th received here 30th as follows “Delighted cable 6th, regret delay in replying. Pleased my letters are arriving, well, all love. Hudson”. The next one is also dated Laghouat 29th & arrived here on July 4th. So it would seem that the one you sent on your own at the beginning of June did not get through. We are thankful indeed that so many do come through. It would seem a very long time indeed since July 17th the date of your latest letter. My thoughts are very often with Mr & Mrs Hole. Their anxiety must be terrible as they have no news whatever of Ted since just after Christmas. Last time I wrote to you, on Monday it was a dreary wet day. The weather brightened in the afternoon & since then we have had beautiful Autumn weather with sunshine almost all day long.
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We are hoping it will remain like this for Dad’s little holiday which starts tomorrow noon until Wednesday evening. The Works start again on Thursday. We are not going away. We did wonder whether to go to Leeds but after last weeks news re Jerry’s visit we thought we were better to stay at home & as you can imagine travelling is really unpleasant at least our last return journey was & we said “never again” until conditions become normal. I did intend to ask Grandad to stay with us again but we are realizing more than ever the terrible disturbance afoot & I could not make him comfortable. This morning I have received my egg ration, two, one each per month. It will be a month on Monday since the coal man brought me four bags of coal. That will be my worst difficulty. I am, as you know, such a cold creature. As you suggest it would be more comfortable all round if your marvellous sunshine could be divided I suppose you will have fairly recent news of the old country. We are beginning to miss the motor traffic from the roads now. A young couple just near us are very enthusiastic cyclists & they think conditions on the road now are grand. So it really is “an ill wind that blows nobody good.” Now love I am just going on my shopping expedition. I go early & get back before the buses become too crowded. Dad has had some difficulty in his homeward travelling lately. So many people who formerly used their own cars now use the buses. Goodbye now love as ever all our love & thoughts & prayers. Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie.



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