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The envelope is addressed to Mrs Turner in Tasmania, Australia. On the front is handwritten in pencil 'I think Turners son flew with dad. P/H'
On the reverse 'Sender :- F/Lt & Mrs Hope RAF North Luffenham, Rutland'.

A wrapper off a chocolate bar. On the reverse 'War-time Emergency Label'.


Fred McCullough discusses his series of abstract art works which are an homage to his uncle, Sergeant Harry McCullough, a flight engineer with 61 Squadron. He was killed on his tenth operation and is buried at Durnbach Cemetery.

Notes on locations for Don McDonald's home, training in Australia. Notes people mentioned and scanned documents relating to a leave that Don enjoyed in London and includes a story of the leave written up by the interviewer from his notes which was…

A large group of airmen wearing RAAF uniform with pilot's brevet and side caps. Sign in front reads '33 Course' Card alongside 'Trainee pilot passing out, Per Ardua ad Astra, Launceston, Tasmania, 6/3/43'. Submitted with caption…

Three-quarter-length portrait of seven RAF aircrew in uniform with with aircrew brevet. Each individual identified “JR ‘Buck’ Bennett, mid upper gunner-NSW, WA ‘Bill’ Stanley, Wireless operator-Victoria, HR ‘Shorty’ Connochie, rear…

A fragment of a parachute on which is written ‘Anzac Day 25.4.45, In M-Mike, Berchsgarten (Hitler’s Hang Out), 460 Squadron crest and moto strike and return, 460 Sqdn, F/O "Lofty" Payne, (WA), F/Sgt W A Stanley (Vic), Col Fraser, ( " ), "Buck"…
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