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A handwritten notebook containing the war diary of A Dorricott from October 1914. He embarks the SS Deseado at Southampton and sails through the Bay of Biscay, past Gibraltar to Malta. They continued with naval escorts to Port Said, through the Suez…

Article headlines: 'allies fighting in Jap Burma base', 'mortars and machine-guns', 'Japs cut off Chinese city', 'Mr Churchill's right hand man' (Lt Gen Sir Hastings L Ismay promoted).

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is four airmen under the nose of Dakota. In the notes they are identified as 'Les, Fleck, Ernie & Butch under the "Durham Star" at Bangkok'.
Photo 2 is three airmen identified in the notes as 'Alf, a…

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A booklet with a listing of former pupils that died in the Second World War. It includes a photograph of the deceased and a brief description.

A view looking towards a C-47 landing in the distance. On the reverse 'Kun Ming'.


Card with Royal Air Force crest and Chinese characters on the front. Inside a note commenting on enclosed photograph, the Air Officer Commanding's character and other news of colleagues. Sends kiss to Jennifer. Photograph enclosed shows 36 airmen in…

Contains foreword by the Queen of the Netherlands as well as news about training of Dutch paratroopers, the Dutch merchant Navy, the queen and government of the Netherlands in London, an eyewitness account of the Battle of the Java Sea, an item on…

Four men in civilian cloths sitting round a table in a bar with open doors looking out onto countryside with hill. A further two men on another table to left and others to the right. On the reverse 'Repulse Bay Lido, Feb 1946, Winco Syder, Self, Don,…

Hong Kong, looking towards The Peak from the sea. In the harbour is a Hospital ship.

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is of Ernie and Butch at the Peak
Photo 2 is Dennis at the Peak
Photo 3 and 4 are of junks in the harbour at Hong Kong.


Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is the Arlington Hotel, where aircrew stay in Hong Kong.
Photo 2 is mainland Hong Kong, Kowloon, with the aerodrome in the background.
Photo 3 is the Japanese war memorial on the hills behind Hong…


Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two images joined together showing the harbour .
Photo 2 and 3 are views of the harbour from the Peak.

Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two images combined of the harbour looking to the east from the Peak.
Photo 2 is the harbour from the Peak.
Photo 3 is a warship in the harbour.

Colour photograph of Hong Kong with an aircraft on the approach to the airfield.

Five airmen lined up in hangar, senior officer visiting, Jack in attendance. Reverse has official unit stamp from RAF Kai Tak.

Senior officer signing book, Jack in attendance, reverse has official stamp from RAF Kai Tak.

Four photographs, first group at a party, reverse captioned 'Xmas dance 1969, Viking, Hong Kong. Viking Bar 1969'.
Second is Jack relaxing in a chair, reverse, with date stamp 16.3.70,
Third is of Jack with a lady at a party, reverse captioned…

Album pages, series of photographs of SNCO's and their wives, reverse captioned 'Farewell party Hong Kong Dec 71'. It also has photographers stamp, Mainland Studio, 44 Carnarvon Road, 1st foor, Kowloon.

A battleship moored in Hong Kong harbour.

Hong Kong mainland seen from the air. On the reverse 'Hong Kong mainland from the air with the drome just visible in the background. This part of the mainland is called Kowloon - Hong Kong itself is an island behind us when I took the photo.'
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