Allies fighting in Jap Burma base



Allies fighting in Jap Burma base


Article headlines: 'allies fighting in Jap Burma base', 'mortars and machine-guns', 'Japs cut off Chinese city', 'Mr Churchill's right hand man' (Lt Gen Sir Hastings L Ismay promoted).




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Allies are fighting in Jap Burma base


THE battle for Myitkyina, main Japanese base in Northern Burma, and northern terminus of the Mandalay rail[missing letters]y, is well under way today, and sections of the town on the western side are already in Allied hands.

The town may fall at any moment. Its loss to the enemy would endanger the whole of their line of communication in Northern Burma.

Our forces are closing in from the north and south while our artillery is shelling the town.

Allied bombers today kept up heavy attacks while fighters strafed troops

Mortars, machine-guns

The Japanese garrison are resisting with mortars and machine-guns.

American troops have captured Zigyum village, midway in the loop of the Irrawaddy River from Myitkyina to Pamati, where another airfield is situated two miles west of Myitkyina.

Other troops today closed in on the landing field half a mile to the north of the town.

Chinese troops are now threatening Kamaing, 10 miles north of Mogaung.

South-west of Imphal, in the the [sic] Bishenpur area, a Gurkha brigade has cut the Tiddim road, and is now astride the main line of communication of the Japanese in this area. – Reuter.


Chungking, Friday. – The old Chinese town of Loyang, on the Linghai River, in Honan Province, is now surrounded by the Japanese and is cut off.

Artillery duels are taking place and street fighting is going on. Most of the town is still in Chinese hands.

The vanguard of the Japanese columns are moving westward, an official Chinese spokesman said today.

They are driving from Loyang along the railway and along the highway to the south of the railway, and have reached a point about 60 miles from Tungkwan, at the bend of the Yellow River.

Mr. Churchill’s “right-hand man”

Lt.-Gen. Sir Hastings L. Ismay, who as Chief of Staff to Mr. Churchill in his capacity as Minister of Defence, has been called the Premier’s “right-hand man,” is among three lt.-generals (Indian Army) to be promoted generals.

The other officers promoted, states last night’s “London Gazette,” are: Lt.-Gen. H. Finnis and Lt.-Gen. A.G.O.M. Mayne.

Maj.-Gen. (acting Lt.-Gen) Sir Richard N. O’Conner is to be Lt.-Gen. He was captured in April, 1941, in Lybia and escaped ear[missing words]


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