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This edition covers an Editorial, poems, the padres notes, romantic fiction, a car chase in London, a list of expenditure of the station's social funds, recollections of flying in the Great War, Christmas stories, Officers Mess gossip, a story about…

A biography of Arthur Pritchard written by his daughter. It covers his training, operations and the night he was shot down. Despite speaking no French he was assisted to a hideout in Paris where he remained until Paris was liberated in August 1944.

A history of the Avro repair organisation at RAF Langar and a record of the aircraft that passed through it between 1942 and 1968.

A history of the Avro Repair Organisation at Bracebridge Heath. Aircraft with Category B damage were disassembled and taken to Bracebridge for repair. Contractor’s Working Parties repaired Category A damaged aircraft on their station using spares…

Ten airmen arranged in two rows in front of a wooden building. Each man's name is written underneath. On the reverse are the signatures of all the men and a stamp with 'RAF Evanton Crown Copyright Reserved'.

A group of ten airmen arranged in two rows in front of a wooden building. On the front is "N" and the names of the ten men. On the reverse is stamped 'RAF Evanton Crown Copyright Reserved'.

Ten trainees arranged in two rows in front of a wooden hut. On the reverse are the signatures of all the men and 'Q Squad 108 Course April-May 1943'.

Telegram to Desmond O’Connell’s father informing him that he was severely burnt and in hospital, with an offer of two free return tickets if he could not afford the fare to Limavady.


A port side flying view of a Sunderland.


Photo 1 is a Stirling dropping supplies containing arms, ammunition and medical supplies.
Photo 2 is the supplies on parachutes.

Unit 44 Squadron, Lancaster Mk III. Filled in for all other flying 18 day and 5 night. Page is scribbled over with lines.

Piece of metal with note that this was a piece of Arthur Woolf's Lancaster retrieved from crash site during visit to a French family who helped him after he baled out.

Report on processes. Letter on reverse concerning orders.

Photo 1 is missing. The Si 202 was light sport aeroplane.
Photo 2 is a Si 204 viewed from above.
Photo 3 is a port side ground view of a Si204.

Two photographs are missing, only captions remaining. The Fh 104A was a five seat light transport with twin engines.
The Si 201 was a two seat observation post and Army co-operation monoplane.

1: prisoner in German hospital - news of Robert Wareing passed on by French woman, He was burned on bailing out of his aircraft and was a prisoner in hospital.
2: In German hands - message received over German wireless broadcast that Robert Wareing…

Seven airmen standing under the nose of a Halifax.
The crew have been named on the reverse.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Photo 1 is a half length portrait of Arthur.
Photo 2, 3 and 4 are head and shoulders of Arthur to be used as escape photos on identity cards.
Photo 5 is a head and shoulders escape photo of Flight Sergeant Poynton, skipper of the crew.

Photo 1 is missing.
Photo 2 is a port side flying view of a Sea Hornet.

A cutting from the London Gazette with brief details on the award of a DSO to Sam Saunders.

Pilots flying log book for Ronald Mathers covering the period from 8 May 1942 to 30 September 1944. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Sywell, RAF De Winton, RAF Swift Current, RAF…

F/O Kenneth Marriott DFC. Obituary. Second tour Pathfinder.

Head and shoulders side view of an airman wearing battledress with flight engineer brevet. He has number board on his left shoulder. Wooden wall in background. On the reverse handwritten addresses.

Report of where riveting is carried out in factory and how it is conducted. Includes heat treatment control. On the reverse letter concerning an order.

Flying log book for R Starkey covering the period from 26 January 1942 to 30 March 1944. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, includes certificates, instructional notes, newspaper clipping and a personal account of being shot down. He…
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